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June 7, 2017

ABOUT twenty per cent of those eligible to vote in Newport West, where veteran pro-cannabis backbencher Paul Flynn is MP, regularly, stubbornly and determinedly vote Labour in council, Welsh Assembly and Parliamentary elections for a variety of reasons.
This means that a Labour candidate is always elected here in the three institutions because the total percentage of people who actually vote is usually around or lower than 60 per cent (it was 64.9 per cent in the 2015 General Election, 44.7 per cent for the 2016 Welsh Assembly election and 35 per cent in the council elections earlier this year) and that phenomenally loyal rump of about 20 per cent always wins and we are always represented by Labour or Welsh Labour politically.
The Tories have been desperately trying to sway the vote with a deluge of expensive postal propaganda which addresses me by name (I had one the other day which addressed me as “Garry” as if I was their old drinking buddy and we were catching up again – note to Conservative Central Office: speak to me face-to-face but don’t send me propaganda purporting to be a personal note which merely adds to the council’s rubbish recycling bill) and which emphasises the “strong and stable” leadership of Mrs May with endless photographs of her smiling.
No-one has ever knocked my door for a chat.
This is because other parties like Plaid Cymru, the Lib Dems and UKIP dissipate the Tory vote far more than they dissipate the Labour vote, giving them a poor to non existent chance of winning.
My vote is and always has been totally futile here.

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