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June 21, 2017

JACQUI Thompson, Dr Sally Baker, Paddy French, even Royston Jones, yes, even him…….keep writing your blogs for God’s sake because the Welsh Assembly Government is now planning to recruit its own “journalists”.
I have always known that this was the real agenda behind their “media plurality” and “Welsh media” strategy.
After the horrendous mistake of pumping money into Newsquest’s South Wales Argus only for the company to pack up and leave to save money and having concluded that the meagre offerings of the blatantly biased Western Mail is nowhere near enough, they now aim to go the whole hog and write the news themselves.
And why not….after all, they now see themselves as generators and they’ve got a lot of money to spend and a lot of hot air to generate.
At least George Osborne won’t be applying for a job there. He couldn’t take the pay cut.
It is my firm belief that it is the beginning of the end for democracy when a government employs its own journalists.
They are, in the final analysis, the last defenders of liberty in a free democracy and have always to treat the government as the devil they only sup with using a very, very long spoon.
They are an independent insurance against a government and not messengers employed by that government.

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