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September 7, 2017

THE FUTURE Lord Lineker of Leicester, our respected and virtuous patron saint of crisps, does not confine himself to sporting matters in his Twitterings – he has lashed Jacob Rees-Mogg for opposing abortion so obviously now feels capable of speaking on spiritual and religious matters. Perhaps he will soon also be considered to set a moral (or should that be amoral?) lead as next Archbishop of Canterbury.
I remember Gary – who once said “I don’t mind making a fool of myself as I think it’s important not to take yourself too seriously” – best for his appearance on Chris Morris’s excellent Brass Eye comedy spoof on paedophilia when a delightfully duped Lineker believed a hilariously nonsensical script he was asked to read warning people about a secret code used only by paedophiles
“Baltimora. This means I’m running at them now with my trousers down,” he said straight to camera in a deeply sincere tone of voice and expression as if petrified that a plague of paedos might be at his front door about to attack his own children.
So any offerings of his on matters even remotely to do with morality I tend to view with some derision.
Besides, would David Coleman, Jimmy Hill or Des Lynam have opined in any way about such matters? Definitely not.
Lineker, I think you will find, has some business interest in Twitter and they like him to keep his name in the public eye.
Why newspapers like today’s Metro see fit to repeat his inane Twitterings in stories repeatedly I find less easy to fathom.

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