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August 2, 2021

FALLEN sinners like me will today be able to pick the brains of intellectual heavyweight former UK diplomat turned political activist Craig Murray inside one of Her Majesty’s Scottish prisons as he slowly settles down to life behind bars.

Salmond blogger Craig Murray hands himself in to police to begin jail term | Scottish politics | The Guardian

Craig Murray – Historian, Former Ambassador, Human Rights Activist

Wings Over Scotland | Lady Dorrian’s Law

Lady Dorrian scandalously sentenced him to eight months for offering enough information on his blog to be able to identify one of the women, via a jigsaw system only if you link together information supplied by others, who made allegations of sexual impropriety against former SNP leader Alex Salmond – similar to those made against Welsh Labour’s Carl Sargeant before he took his own life, presumably, because in the current culture such allegations have to be believed and seen to be believed so his chances of being cleared seemed remote, making the jury’s acquittal of Salmond on all charges all the more surprising.

I first came across Murray outside the Old Bailey in London, ferrying information from inside the court to people standing outside about the Julian Assange hearing for extradition to the United States to face spying charges.

He had been one of a select few people including Assange’s father allowed to view proceedings on a screen in an adjoining court room in January as courts were completely closed to the public due to COVID-19 restrictions, suddenly making justice closed and darkly distant.

He seemed to be enjoying his sudden elevation into the main official source of news as it happened in a public building suddenly made totally private and was eager to engage with a tiny complement of pavement-lurking media comprising only of obscure Russian-based You Tube outlets with, strangely, no mainstream British or US media representatives at all.

It transpired that Murray also attended the trial of Salmond at High Court Edinburgh in March 2020 and took notes as a member of the public to publish a report on his blog, taking advantage of an ancient protected right cherished over centuries to make justice open and transparent and, crucially, seen to be so by having people in court to view and record proceedings with pen and paper.

How did Murray get seats in both courts for these supposedly public events (which were major media events attracting crowds of people) and was he acting as a journalist, an independent member of the public, a politician or a whistleblower? Was he working for himself, for us or for someone else? Crucial, of course, is the fact that Murray’s blog encourages readers to donate money and large numbers of them do, helping Murray to cover mounting astronomical costs.

Today, tucking in to his porridge alongside burglars, rapists and murderers at a grim Scottish jail in an increasingly authoritarian SNP-ruled country, he will be fully aware that – like Assange, who, of course, faces the same opprobrium and distrust – he was not an “accredited” or “mainstream” member of the journalistic profession so Lady Dorrian – who wants to remove juries from all sex cases completely, meaning footballer Ched Evans and others wrongly convicted would remain in jail – was able to punish Murray but not court reporters carrying press cards who may have actually revealed more about these complainants, leading to their identification

Lady Dorrian is one of a number of women – Labour’s Dame Vera Baird also springs instantly to mind – who follow a liberal progressive trans BLM neo-Marxist belief that you can only improve policing of allegations of sexual offences by raising the number of successful convictions of men, who, overwhelmingly, are the perpetrators with women, usually, the victims, using fair or foul means.

First, the allegation must always be believed at each and every stage, the identities of the complainants must then be completely protected with sweeping penalties for anyone who dares to look into their personal sexual history (where they celebrity shaggers or blaggers trying to make cash by selling stories?) or the circumstances of the complaint itself (was it that man or, possibly someone else?) while the defendant is named and shamed in the media, denied the ancient right of a jury to fully consider whether or not these allegations were actually true and denied the right of an appeal if there are doubts about the conviction.

Murray has reached his cell-by date but huge numbers of other men need protection from women seeking revenge and retribution for historical imbalances by erecting a justice system which is unfairly weighted in favour of one side against the other.

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