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IT’S 2021 NOT 1984

August 3, 2021

CRAIG Murray is now the martyred mascot for justice, openness, transparency, freedom and liberty in Scotland, still a part of the UK but suffering like Wales from a wildly exagerrated aggressive move for independence from fanatical feminist progressive trans BLM neo-Marxist hijackers hellbent on re-designing life to suit their political ends.

A key strategy – as Josef Goebells well knew – is to control the messages and the media so that the narrative is established, repeated, reinforced and totally normalized with discordant and disagreeing voices marginalised and punished very publicly (hence prisoners Murray and Assange banged up inside at Her Majesty’s pleasure).

I have been watching and listening as the momentum gathers for this Stalinist wave as a BBC Wales-dominated media in Cardiff completely fail to hold politicians to account in their own Senedd but allow largely critical views about Westminster politicians to lead an editorial strain which increasingly compares England and its people unfavourably to Wales and its people, leading to a false conclusion that we would be better off without them when the reverse is so obviously and blatantly true.

The Welsh media is hopelessly weak and vulnerable to control by fanatics who want to propagandise and proselytize and I am watching with increasing fear and concern as a new strain of nakedly nationalist outlets like The National continue to drive wedges between us and our nearest and dearest neighbours for political motives as actual quality of life in Wales worsens markedly under an ultra protectionist regime distancing itself from London.

Political idealogues with a history of Welsh nationalist activity with links to S4C have tried to fill a giant void with anything and everything that promotes self determination for the Welsh, deliberately exploiting age-old historical grievances and resentments against a wealthier London ruling class, by building up hopes of greater local powers.

In Scotland, the media is more robust, varied and better established, though this does not mean more independent because in Edinburgh and Cardiff there is considerably less cash than in London to pay for expensive truly independent investigative journalism to expose wrongdoing and corruption and, completely separated from England as an independent country Wales would sink into Stalinist totalitarian Cuba-style Morning Star journalism spouting only pro-Sennedd propaganda if, indeed, it has not already.

We are starting to see obvious signs of the mayhem these weaponised autodidacts would cause in the Jac o the North blog, which has recently descended from investigations and exposes into defensive responses to Yes Cymru activists appearing to use a wide variety of vicious and nasty tactics to personally abuse and discredit opponents online.

No one aside from Craig Murray was charged with jigsaw identification in connection with the Alex Salmond case, despite the fact that 81% of respondents in a survey who believed that they had learned identities, gave mainstream media as the source of their knowledge.

Lady Dorrian specifically stated that bloggers and mainstream media should be treated differently, as mainstream media are self-regulated, citing IPSO, which is Max Moseley’s “pointless so-called regulator” according to the National Union of Journalists, themselves a left-leaning body.

Now, if you have a media regulated by friends of the government and also, crucially, financed by them with a justice system overseeing it which works hand-in-hand with government and its friends and supporters effectively as their enforcers with little to no separation of powers, as in Scotland, you are looking at a truly sinister future landscape where opposing voices are silenced and punished in Stalinist purges and a dependent mainstream media complies and conforms like docile puppies slavering at the sound of bells.

Murray is the first person to be imprisoned in the UK for a media contempt for over 50 years, and in Scotland for over 70 years.

This is undoubtedly a massive move as part of a push to make journalism little more than an arm of government communication and control and it must not succeed or we will all be saluting Big Brother in 2021 not 1984.

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