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October 29, 2021

I SPOKE this morning to a woman in a pharmacy store who spoke very very slowly and very very loudly to me as if I were a child or a docile dog who couldn’t grasp complicated things so needed E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G spelt out.

Later I heard Dr Doom himself, Welsh Labour leader Mark Drakeford on the radio give his latest deliberate, doleful, dire, depressing diktat on COVID-19 “passports” in Wales – extending them to pubs, theatres, cinemas and all hospitality because case levels are “too high” – and I felt like telling him exactly what I told the woman in the shop – “I am not a child nor a simpleton so please do not talk down to me as if I were one.” Then I felt like telling him something else unprintable and uncharitable.

The report states: “And, while coronavirus cases remain very high, the Welsh Government intends to extend the use of COVID Pass to theatres, cinemas and concert halls from 15 November.

These are settings where large numbers of people gather indoors, close to each other, for long periods at a time.”

Now who other than a child or a docile dog would need to be told that theatres, cinemas and concert halls are where people gather together indoors. Blimey, I didn’t know that.

It is now only a matter of time before I leave Wales because the country of my birth has sidled up to Scotland after a devolution vote in 1997 which was fiddled to bring in a wafer-thin majority for greater powers in Cardiff Bay and a new referendum to take us back and remove this foul permanent Labour administration is denied us on specious and questionable grounds.

There is nothing Welsh Labour and their teat sucking nationalist supporters who keep them permanently in power have wanted more since 1997 than the power to be able to issue passports – not, of course, proper passports, which will never be devolved and always will be UK documents, but any passports. Any passports at all because proper governments issue proper passports, don’t they.

The requirement to produce evidence to big Bob the landlord down the Dog and Duck before he serves you a pint of foaming ale is NOT a passport. Calling it one is yet another deliberate Scottish and Welsh government deceit (Hollyrood and Cardiff Bay are in perfect loving synch to attack and discredit Westminster) where they get to name things, not us, and they name them inappropriately just because they can as all effective opposition and scrutiny has been smashed.

Crucial to the ambitions of both malign institutions, of course, is that they are empowered to issue passports.

The small card which proves that you have had the COVID-19 vaccine is just that, a small card. Big Bob would need access to your entire medical records to be absolutely sure that you have either tested negative or had two jabs before serving you.

How long will it be before big Bob is given that power? How long will it be before he feels unsure so calls Dr Doom who then tells him to go ahead if it makes it easier?

I want to live some kind of a life – not be trapped in my house allowed out only to vote in a rigged Senedd election held at the height of the pandemic when nobody was allowed to visit me to campaign for my vote as police cars whizzed around on the streets ensuring I wasn’t out and about. I don’t live in Cuba or China.

I want to be able to see a movie without having to prove I’m not contagious and dangerous.

I want to be able to sit and stand in the Dog and Duck without big Bob having to “see my papers” or take my temperature before he serves me a pint of Brains Dark.

I can do all these things in England – just 30 miles or so to my east – without these pettifogging barriers and procedural habits and odd behaviours designed very skillfully and carefully by civil servants to make us become first more fearful then compliant, cowed and docile so that eventually we are lulled into a kenneled dog’s life to make us “safe” allowed to wander streets muzzled from time to time if the “alert level” is low enough.

First, Welsh government has introduced these “alert levels” much like the ones issued by UK government when dealing with the threat of terrorist outrages like the murder of MP David Amess.

Welsh Labour moved to “alert level zero” in August and announced that the most likely scenario was that Wales moved out of the pandemic to a position where it becomes a seasonal illness. A seasonal illness! So why this oppressive, draconian overreach?

Who has really decided we should be at “alert level zero” and on what basis? Was it voted for at the Senedd? As is the case with terrorism alert levels, they can be lowered or raised by governments entirely without giving the public any information whatsoever about why because it is “national security”

Second, case levels are too high, Mr Drakeford announces.

What exactly is a case? In my mind it feels like someone either going to hospital with it or someone dying with it.

In reality it is more likely to be someone reporting that they have one of the symptoms but are not seriously affected or that a test, which now appear to be too often unreliable, has told them they are positive even if they have no symptoms and there is no cause for concern.

Donald Trump had a valid point when he said that the more tests you take, the more cases you get. It is offensive beyond belief to make our children now test themselves every two weeks.

What we must always bear in mind, of course, is the real, truthful, risk of A, dying from COVID-19 and B, ending up in hospital with it.

Nobody I know has had it and I often hear from people who tell me things which seem to indicate that the dire, doleful propaganda being churned out by the BBC and others with their persistent daily death tolls is rarely being experienced on the ground.

House clearance workers are not reporting to me a sudden exponential rise in their business due to more sudden deaths.

Statistics are always debatable and different people from different political persuasions will pick and choose ones to suit their narrative. The BBC, for instance, will highlight confirmatory evidence which advocates and propagandises for caution and state control while the Daily Mail will highlight other evidence for liberty and individual freedom from oppressive and draconian state control.

Broadly, however, the odds of you dying from COVID-19 are currently still very small along with the odds of you having to go to hospital, and both are made considerably smaller if you have had both vaccines.

Dr Doom is aided and assisted by the fact that an independent review of government measures to deal with it looks only at Westminster and not at Cardiff Bay so it appears that he will not be scrutinised separately for whatever he does and the Cardiff Bay gravy train goes trundling on unimpeded, unscrutinised and completely unaccountable.

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