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May 6, 2022

THE Welsh NHS – probably like teachers in schools – are starting their care and treatment of me from the perspective of my potential threat to their staff by ordering me to wear a mask to protect them from me.

This is non-negotiable at the sharp end and strictly enforced.

The 2010 Equality Act – which protects people with mental and physical illness from discrimination – appears to be being totally ignored in all surgical and health care treatment settings. I believe it also has been in schools.

If, for instance, I was to suffer a fall necessitating emergency hospital treatment, I would have to wear a mask throughout, severely worsening any pain and trauma I may have by restricting my breathing, precipitating panic attacks and severe generalised anxiety, underlying conditions I already have, while removing the possibility of me establishing good rapport and meaningful empathy with a practitioner under stressful circumstances. This is making appointments and all interaction with staff now hugely problematic for me.

Currently, there are bizarre and absurd anomalies at surgeries and probably at hospitals.

Reception staff, or, to use the current language “care navigators”, may not themselves wear masks and only some of the patients or “service users” may but once inside a treatment or consulting room, doctors and nurses are enforcing a rule with NO EXEMPTIONS quite aggressively and, significantly, with no assessment of your genuine risk and COVID-19 status.

Dental treatment was different for me because a practitioner obviously cannot inspect my teeth or carry out any treatment if I am masked.

They can, of course, all withdraw their services if they feel that you are putting them at risk so the lie of a voluntary and informed response to COVID-19 has now been fully exposed.

Throughout the past two to three years – under health and safety totalitarianism using a disproportionately magnified threat of disease and death – people have made prejudiced assumptions that I am infected and contagious so need to be controlled by draconian rules and regulations and pseudo laws which contradict and trample all over my human rights.

Health care and treatment has moved insidiously from a service I can access and use voluntarily as and when I decide I need it, using options available to me after discussing with a practitioner qualitatively and openly the merits and de-merits before I give full informed consent, into a service now summoning me for mRNA bio vaccine treatment I neither need nor want.

Doctors remain protected and radically rationed by a system which is now actively nudging you away from them and all health care settings into pharmacies or private medicine while denying you access to hands-on specialist care because of a chronic waiting list due to the shut-down.

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