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May 21, 2022

IF JEMIMA Bloggs is now paying £200 a week for gas when she used to pay £50 there is something radically wrong……

Tory convert from Labour Lee Anderson appears, to me, to be attempting to establish specific and particular truths about Jemima in a bid to help her rather than trot out old generic and universal ones about capitalism lazily to help a political cause.

The Blatantly Biased Corporation alongside the Islington and Cowbridge radical feminist, progressive trans eco BLM neo-Marxist intelligentsia are not targeting energy companies perched in the lotus position on their chic saffron meditatation Zabutons (trendy Japanese cushions), they are targeting their old enemy Brexit-backing capitalism without adding personal accountability into their mix.

Jemima may be misusing her gas through no fault of her own due to some leak, she may not realise that someone is leaving it on all through the night, she may not fully understand the tariff she is on nor the way it is being counted so is not making best use of energy generally.

Those are charitable and generous assumptions rather than others such as Jemima being wantonly wasteful and totally irresponsible in her energy usage (plain speaking like that can now be filed under “hate” laws).

Meaningful education and hands-on help to organise her finances, more sensibly manage usage and work out a better deal, possibly with a new energy provider and a tariff better suited to her usage patterns which she can negotiate armed with improved resources and telephone negotiation skills (degree courses should be offered on that now) will be much, much more useful than a Cost of Living payment for £150 which the Welsh government has given me.

Advocacy and a caring councillor or counsellor NOT cash is going to be most useful in the medium to long run but all roads now lead towards a universal income – particularly in least well off areas like Wales – supervised by a neo-Marxist cabal aiming for wealth equality (what is that if it is not Marxism?)

If the difference between a deserving and thrifty poor and an undeserving wantonly wasteful poor is not allowed to be addressed, partly to establish better stewardship and education in the latter group and to raise the former, you end up with incentivised wanton wastefulness being subsidised by big state handouts.

Caring councillors and counsellors are now as rare as hens’ teeth.

Throw into the mix a Labour administration which traditionally relies most on the people who benefit from these handouts and you have dependence on Mark Drakeford and Adam Price for life.

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