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July 19, 2022

WHO in God’s good name allowed none other than COVID kissing creep Matt “do as I say not as I do” Hancock to have his own radio phone-in show? This bounder should be binned, barred and banned.

And why let Ed Balls, the former Labour shadow chancellor, sidle up to sexy Susanna and present Good Morning Britain as if he was Richard Dimblebey or Ed Murrow?

You know you’re in big trouble when politicians read the news or play any part – and I really do mean any part – in telling it.

So-called news organisations are now umbillically attached to the political chattering classes and Islington and Cowbridge Zabutonians who surround them with positive vibes and are clearly denuded of journalistic talent nor do they have accessible pathways for emerging talent to blossom and fully bloom.

What will young eager aspirants desperate to get into journalism and broadcasting think if they lose out again and again to Hancock and Balls and a motley crew of politician “presenters” like David Lammy and Anne Widdecombe who all bend and spin to suit their own perverted ends.

And what has become of the profession itself that now you appear to have more chance of telling a story if you’re a Tory than a properly trained genuinely independent reporter.

I tuned in to LBC now and thought “haven’t I heard that voice before? Yes wasn’t it that scumbag who told me not to have non essential contact with anyone while he was kissing and canoodling all over his lover like a rash? Yes, that’s him.”

That was the only time I’ve felt relieved to hear the woefully inept Shelagh Fogarty’s voice, I can tell you.

Another of her passive aggressive hateful homilies about predatory stalkers who harrass women in the workplace seemed almost like light entertainment after Hancock’s horror show.

The distance between press and politicians is getting smaller by the day. Pretty soon we’ll think it must be true because that nice smiley bloke on the telly told us it was when all the time it was just another Hancock and Balls story.

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