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August 31, 2022

A MEAN, cruel trick appears to have been successfully played on us and we now try to make sense of what is left of our connection with family doctors (clearly marginalised to the point of becoming irrelevant to both the NHS and to us) and try to plan future personal health care in a climate of chaos and deep distrust.

I assume that GPs at viciously overused surgeries in the Welsh NHS are still kitted out in surgical scrubs, masked and wearing gloves as if we were still in the middle of a raging tempest of terror (it is meeting these fearsome individuals that causes me most distress now, prompting me to avoid engagement with the NHS wherever possible and they, apparently, with me).

I noticed on Saturday morning two people wandering around in Splott wearing masks while everyone else was not. It looked painfully odd and decidedly sinister, almost as if they were deliberately provoking others or were trying to conceal their identities for malign motives.

The cruel trick, of course, is always to convince you that the drugs worked even if, and this is really crucial, there was NO threat of death or deep decay which those drugs were meant to protect you from. Much of that work is done at the outset when you are told by a higher authority it is for your own good and psychological belief naturally sets in, though that could be achieved with a placebo and frequently is.

My decision to take all the vaccines I did take was purely and simply pragmatic, as most of my decisions are. I was told I would not be able to travel (even from Wales to England), would face serious problems engaging with the NHS and could be disadvantaged in terms of health insurance and cover should I ever need free treatment.

I was jabbed in one arm with the other tied behind my back by the state, which for the first time ever suddenly started calling me on my mobile phone to urge me to comply with their wishes. The wearing of a mask was always impossible for me but I will now never forget the suddenly Nazi tone in the voices of health care providers and some others who wanted me to follow orders just because everybody else was.

What is most noticeable now is the sudden easing of restrictions with the relaxation of having to provide proof of vaccination to enter cinemas, theatres, hotels and the like naturally making you wonder if this was some kind of trick somebody somewhere was playing on us all along (IF IT WAS SO CRUCIAL THEN WHY IS IT NOT NOW?).

Private Eye has been allocating considerable space to Dr Phil Hammond, MD, to spew his blatantly biased left-leaning propaganda (entirely in harmony with the whole publication) which, essentially, mendaciously positions capitalist government refusing to properly fund a Marxist health system as the real virus killing people – not the medical profession.

Boris Johnson “partying” in Downing Street will survive in history as the most memorable motif for a virus which was about the despair of distrust (the antisocial virus) much more than it was about the disorder of destruction (an unlikely Hollywood-hyped occurrence) and it is this motif that leftists lean on persistently and predictably to try to condemn capitalism for their own selfish ends.

Hammond is now in an excitable state about a new risk from monkeypox which few if any people in my circle will even have considered (they are too busy trying to stay alive in a descending spiral of decay and neglect under Welsh Labour). This may, at some point, necessitate more coercive communication from the state who will attempt to jab again in one arm with the other tied behind our backs.

The drift from a meaningful and qualitative relationship with a family doctor who actually “knows” you and your real risk and who is able to work out an appropriate and entirely agreed suite of options most effective for you personally to a dangerously drug-dependent NHS obsessed with proactive bio-interventions which big pharma foist on big government is obvious to anyone with eyes, ears and a brain.

Hammond reports that the Joint Committee on Vaccinations and Immunisations has advised that adults should be offered a single dose as an autumn booster of one of six vaccines offered by Moderna, Novavax and/or Pfizer-BioNTech against the risk of SARS-CoV-2.

He states that “we” don’t know how well they will work but hurriedly adds that he will have his when offered though, for some reason, states that they should not be mandatory for everyone.

Hammond is ever eager to take what is offered and simply confuses the situation by insisting on the mirage of choice for others. Are we, for instance, expected to go on boosting boosters for the remainder of our lives or does there come a time when enough, as they say, is enough?

It is a mirage or a deception because modern medicine now appears to be biotech interventions and nothing, or precious little, else with medics telling you you are to blame if you get the flu, for instance, because you refused a jab (as I always do).

This is a subtle switch in personal responsibility and accountability from the medic to the service user and I fear that modern medicine will increasingly rely on that switch when push comes to shove in a rationed service.

So, I am now left wondering if I am free of any symptoms today because of bio-scientific interventions I agreed to take or because my risk of contracting SARS-CoV-2 was negligible in the first place. I am also left wondering if the medication has added somewhat to my woes.

It helps to measure the efficacy of any treatment, of course, if you present to a doctor with some recognised and legitimate illness and are then able to compare the difference between how you feel before the drug and how you feel after taking the drug.

It is not true to say that vaccines for COVID-19 were the first ever cases of proactive bio-scientific interventions for people who showed no symptoms of illness. This shows how many are approved by the NHS and at what stage in our lives we take them.

Others – like me – will wonder why the latest bio-scientific interventions were so obviously forced on people by an increasingly coercive NHS falsely basking in the glory of having “saved your life” by vaccinating you against a virus you were unlikely to ever get by first frightening the life out of you to convince you that death or agony would follow if you went your own way.

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