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September 5, 2022

MARTIN Lewis – in case you didn’t know – is just a journalist like me and NOT a financial expert.

I start with a conservative summary because Lewis is litigious and has much, much more money then I have. He now, also, has a lot of power so getting on the wrong side of him could be costly. The sight and sound of him makes me hide behind the sofa or leave the room altogether because of his wind, warble and woeful lack of awareness.

“The cost of living crisis” is a media manufactured term (a bit like “millennium bug”, remember that?) which I think radical feminist progressive trans eco BLM neo-Marxists at the Guardian and the BBC in London and Cardiff, who want to dispense with capitalism and replace everything with government vouchers, have been ordered by editors to keep repeating in a concerted effort to keep pressing for nationalised big state economics (anyone really for big bad Arthur Scargill and the brothers back on picket lines as we convert to Cuba without the cigars?).

These horrendous halfwits too desk-bound to get out and dig their own stories have been leading news bulletin after news bulletin with wildly inaccurate, manically mendacious ludicrous stories about middle class monied women riding on buses in July “just to keep warm” because they cannot afford to heat and eat.

BBC phone-in shows have been front-loaded with walking talking virtue signallers on their way back from Waitrose with baskets groaning with polenta, organic quinoa and locally-sourced extra virgin olive oil who spout spurious senseless spittle-soaked hogwash about how they are going to have to do without opera tickets altogether this winter (exactly when did we lose the ability to prioritise and budget?)

The biggest growth industry is in Just Eat and Deliveroo cycle and car delivery drivers, for God’s sake, so where’s the crisis. People are drowning under the weight of pizza, vindaloo and McDonald’s delivered by these Albanian square-backpackers who now clutter our roads and pavements causing backlogs and havoc.

BBC and Guardian staff totally unjustifiably and disproportionately actively magnify the threat of a biting cold winter on the vulnerable and elderly (not because they really care) and because they are lazy and totally dependent on a formula, they wheel in Martin Lewis to spout some claptrap about the “energy companies” milking profits while Deidre from Devizes has to go without opera tickets while trapped on a bus keeping warm in central London in July.

And how they magnify it…..and how they rely on Martin to represent us.

Lewis has that demeanour which I find most irritating of all. His other-worldly detachment from reality – like all “presenters” he knows how to always relate best to the camera in the mistaken belief that that is his best way of relating to you – staunchly and stubbornly relies on him permanently adopting the self-satisfied, smirking stance and approach of a knowledgeable “champion” of the lower class who always wants what’s best for you.

You know the type…..they stand in bank halls these days kitted out in suits and carrying clipboards giving the impression that they know what’s best for you but that is just a marketing front because all they want to do is sell to you.

Lewis, however, has the best of both worlds because he is neither customer nor customer service so doesn’t need to stand in bank halls, he can sit above it all in plush, gaudy-coloured TV studios enjoying the “authority and expertise” clueless and lazy media Tristrams (as Adrian Gill used to call them) give him cosying up oleaginously to Sexy Susannah as if he were Dimbleby at Dachau in 1945 with that carefully disguised righteous indignation and disgust giving weight and gravitas.

He can, also, ramp up the fear and loathing levels considerably by weaving together one or two of his carefully woven attacks on the “big five”, as he has this week by predicting a “catastrophe”.

If it isn’t a catastrophe now be sure it will be by the time Martin Lewis has finished with it.

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