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September 10, 2022

OLD friend to all of us adorable deplorables the former diplomat and jailed “journalist” Craig Murray has weighed in after HM The Queen’s death to enlighten us very kindly on what it was like to have had the eyes and ears of our greatest superstar (not the brightest button on the suit, according to him).

Adopting his typically modest and understated tone (ahem! ahem!) to point out that the institution he clearly hates is now on borrowed time with a short shelf life, the Julian Assange supporting republican Scottish nationalist makes many pertinent points about the way big British media, particularly the odiously stinking BBC which now is totally lost in a terrible time warp, has signally failed to move with the times like the very institution they are presently protecting from scrutiny (why has nobody asked what she actually died of and what will be on the death certificate? Was it COVID-19 related or was it in any way related to the vaccines?)

His missive made me laugh.

How on earth would he know that she was “not, to be frank, particularly bright and sharp” (did he make her sit an exam?) and did he establish just why he was “automatically” offered honours by her which he very proudly and probably showily refused?

He is spot-on, however, about the unctuous, mind-numbingly sycophantic tone deaf media and political coverage of the Royals which reduces us to footmen and maids at a “big house” we can never enter constantly fretting over our manners and comparative lack of etiquette and breeding and, crucially, about how this is alienating young people.

Much more of these sharp-elbowed desperately egotistical, slavering, obnoxious, pimped and preened camera hungry presenters (Kirsty Wark outside the gates of Balmoral looking like a summarily dismissed head of the pantry staff seemed, to me, to sum up the whole charade) “fronting” coverage while “taking the temperature of the nation” and “assessing the public mood as we all grieve” standing directly in front of gates to palaces we were never allowed into and I’ll be throwing up into an already brimful bucket of my own bile.

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