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September 23, 2022

ROYAL Mail has apologised to me after I recently shared in an earlier post that I did not get my eBay parcel (rivets for a bicycle saddle I am repairing and restoring) because it went to another address.

The auction site ruled that I would not get a refund when I complained and the seller told me they had correctly addressed it and it had been marked as “delivered” at Newport West delivery office.

I wrote to Royal Mail’s press office and got this reply:

“Dear Mr Gibbs

I can see your item has been delivered to another address by going deeper into the tracking and viewing the GPS coordinates captured at the time of the delivery. They are approximately a 2 minute walk from your house. Regretfully, I cannot give you an exact address due to the limitations of the tracking but also due to a security element. We would prefer to try and retrieve the parcel ourselves if we can.

The pre-advice we have received from the sender show that your item was addressed correctly.

Although your item has been delivered to another address, it does not automatically mean they have stolen the goods, they could have put the parcel back into the network with a view to returning it to the sender. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the service used, it is unlikely that I would see tracking reflecting this. If this has happened it can take up to 6 weeks for this come through as it first passes through our National Returns Centre.

All mail should be sorted sequentially before leaving the office. Should an item be sorted incorrectly, this can sometimes result in an item being delivered to the wrong address. In many cases the person receiving the parcel doesn’t really pay attention or realise the parcel shouldn’t be for them.

I appreciate the people you have spoken to from Royal Mail did not share this information with you and how frustrating this must be. It is likely they did not know how to drill further into the tracking details. I will pass this on as feedback to make sure they are aware of how to do this from now on.

I wish you luck in getting contact details for someone from eBay. In the meantime, as said previously, I am happy to look at compensation for your item if you could just provide a proof of value.

Thank you

Caleb Carter

Royal Mail – Chairman and Chief Executive Office”

The key factor, for me, is that Royal Mail, along with quite a few other people, ruled that delivery staff no longer had to ask the occupant of the property to sign to state that they had received a letter or goods due to fears of catching COVID-19 during the height of the pandemic, when we were all trapped inside our homes. This then enabled delivery staff to sign themselves on behalf of the occupant without any physical interaction at all and this relaxation of the rules appears, to me, to still be standard practice whether the occupant likes it or not.

I now have to speak to eBay – which, in tune with modern trends, usually give you a first name and refuse to give you a surname and never give the title or position of the person representing them so they maintain anonymity and, to me, lack credibility and gravitas.

Oh.. what’s this, an e-mail from eBay asking me to spare three minutes to give them some feedback on this latest transaction. Well, I suggest you read this.

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