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October 27, 2022

WALES is distinctively different to England mainly because of the language. The justice and penal system are identical but political activists and extremists want to set up a separate Welsh justice and penal system modelled almost certainly and almost entirely on the Scottish system (in tune with the SNP-adoring direction of travel currently in Wales).

Two academics at Cardiff University’s Wales Governance Centre, a leftist devolution-backing body which manically militates and agitates for further separation from Westminster, have attacked the current arrangement for courts and prisons because, they claim, Wales is badly served by being lumped in constitutionally with England.

Professor Richard Wynn Jones invited me to the book launch last night (I can only think because dissenting voices may be rare) but I declined his kind invitation because I happen to know that Cardiff University itself currently has its own justice system which borders on Stalinist totalitarianism because I happen to know how one of its own staff has been treated by management.

Universities used to be beacons of hope, transparency and openness with warring tribes able to settle their differences in tolerant, mature and truly liberal collegiate campuses of ideas, discovery and fierce combat.

Not anymore, folks.

My source was told that a complaint had been made and so was ordered to undergo a grueling and hugely stressful ordeal of a “disciplinary investigation” (note the threat of force before the open inquiry) but was neither told who made the complaint nor exactly what it was (raising strong parallels with Welsh Labour’s Carl Sargeant, who took his own life after being told anonymous women had complained about his sexual behaviour). The matter concluded with my source only keeping a job by staying silent (like, apparently, many others struggling against a menacing, totalitarian orthodoxy currently wreaking havoc in academia).

Summary justice was meted out by a kangaroo court of self-appointed ideologues in a justice system which automatically now legitimises and elevates any complaint of any kind at all because now the taking of offence itself has to be legitimised and elevated as part of a political movement to name and shame dissenters, thereby forcing everyone into silos with the threat of punishment to discipline and destroy often, as was the case with my source, for just uttering opinions.

Again and again, we see politicians now resign immediately because someone has made a complaint. Just made a complaint, remember, often with no investigation at all but they always stay anonymous while the politician is destroyed.

So how, then, would justice and punishment look in Wales if it was distinctively different to the system in England, particularly bearing in mind that we are arming complainants routinely with disproportionately mightier powers and protection, including apparently automatic victim-status which naturally imbalances the scales of justice from the outset?,-academics-argue

Well, a nation’s criminal justice system obviously reflects the underlying prevailing political orthodoxy tasked with deciding first what should and should not be a crime (some Westminster Tories, for instance, want to make cannabis a Class A drug while some Welsh Labour and Plaid politicians in Cardiff Bay would legalise most drug use).

The Act of Union 1707 between Scotland and England permitted Scotland to retain its separate legal system, which
continued to be administered in Scotland. This meant that, even prior to devolution; the Scottish justice system had its own court system, its own police forces, its own prosecution service and its own prison and criminal justice social work

The 1998 Scotland Act devolved a range of powers from Westminster to the reconvened Scottish Parliament, which included legislative powers to administer the Scottish legal system. Legislative powers over some areas, including terrorism and legal safeguards for human rights, remain reserved to the United Kingdom.

This enabled Lady Dorrian, Scotland’s senior judge appointed, of course, by Nicola Sturgeon, to jail former diplomat Craig Murray for contempt of court for taking notes while sitting in court for the trial on sex offences, which a jury disbelieved, against former SNP leader Alex Salmond.

Lady Dorrian is thought to be in favour of dispensing with juries for sex trials altogether and her startling elevation helps considerably to consolidate and augment a distinctively different feel to criminal justice in Scotland to that in England, suitably reflecting the fact that in Edinburgh a radical feminist, critical race theory, transgender rights movement is now actively making then enforcing law much, much more noticeably than it is in England and Wales.

Lady Dorrian’s Law

This radical feminist, critical race theory, transgender rights movement wielding weapons on Scottish university campuses is extremely active in setting law, making full use of its different legal system, prison and policing to promote and push radical reforms which would include draconian hate crime offences and gender recognition reform enabling people to more easily change their gender.

All these would weaponise one political cause against another, further im-balancing the scales of justice.

So, here in Wales it is likely that a Welsh criminal justice system might be radically different to the one in England, raising, yet again, the highly-charged issue of physical, political and intellectual borders between the two countries which should, at least in theory, be collaborating and combining for better, smoother and clearer justice.

I might then be in a position if I stay in Wales of having to appear before a radical feminist, critical race theory, transgender rights movement kangaroo court like those set up by management at Cardiff University to plead my innocence when a complaint comes in.

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