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November 12, 2022

A MAN walked out of Marks and Spencer in Newport town centre today with three trays of luxury food without paying, black masked petrol and electric bicycle riders whizzed up and down the street frightening the life out of me and Deliveroo and Just Eat bike backpackers sped along pavements and through the bus station’s waiting areas brushing dangerously against passengers waiting patiently.

Store security staff have told me that a huge number of young people now regularly carry dirty needles and/or knives and machetes which they are willing to plunge into you so challenging anyone is likely to be a very dangerous exercise. They also complain that since Gwent police and crime commissioner Jeff Cuthbert emphasised “inclusivity” in his mission statement (a leftist post-modernist Social Theory term which deliberately excludes me and many others like me to deliberately favour and priotitise above me and my needs grievance-based minorities in green and rainbow-coloured alliances) police presence in the town centre has dropped markedly and lawlessness and disorder increased.

Welcome to a lawless zone which used to be our town centre.

The law has to be obeyed by everyone in order to ensure law and order. If, however, there is no visible presence to deter lawlessness and disorder with a very real and meaningful reminder of the penalty for doing so to effectively threaten and enforce if necessary promptly and publicly so that it is seen to be effective, fragile and vulnerable social ties and bonds break down altogether because there is no longer any respect left for anything or anyone. This, I am afraid, has already happened. I feel this every day.

Law abiding citizens like me start to wonder why I queue up to pay at Marks and Spencer when that man just walks out without paying, why I don’t hare up and down masked riding a petrol or electric bike or scooter when those kids do, why I don’t just ride along the pavement on my bike totally ignoring pedestrians when those delivery riders do.

Then, when law abiding citizens like me go to the police and complain and nothing gets done, law abiding citizens like me start to wonder what the law is really for, why it is there at all if it is not being enforced and perfectly understandably start to wonder if we should now be arming ourselves to deal with this growing lawlessness and disorder ourselves by physically enforcing it ourselves.

If there is no policing and we no longer have enforcement, then do we have the power to police and enforce ourselves?

I thought it annoying that the man did not pay but, doubtless, there will be people who would see it as an act of Social Justice (in keeping with their broad view that capitalism is a crime itself so any challenges to it can be seen as valid acts). They will go back in history to a time when our courts in the 19th century sent petty thieves to Botany Bay or locked them up for months for stealing a loaf of bread and will say that we can never regress back to that.

I would want that man to stop doing that, however, because food – despite the wild and cynically confected politically manipulative mantra of starving people relying on food banks and others riding on buses to keep warm – is not difficult to get as churches and charities are doling out free grub in pallet loads, which wasn’t the case in the 19th Century. He wasn’t hungry and probably didn’t need food.

Stealers, dealers and reelers like him are institutionally and instinctively corrupt and corroded con artists with little or no respect for themselves so, naturally, none for others. My hackles rise immediately I encounter them.

I noticed this man walking too closely down one of the aisles near me and instantaneously knew he was up to no good. His rangy and loose, imposing physical gait and subtly invasive movement gave off something akin to a foul smell and instantly triggered me to tighten up and proceed accordingly. I see his type every day and it now actively discourages me from going out.

I need police presence to protect me from him but now see little, if any, so have to seriously think about my options.

If our town centres are now lawless zones where masked youths zoom about at will breaking laws without any fear of police action, we are living in jungles with dangerous wild animals on the loose and in such jungles, it is advisable to carry a weapon just in case and to always keep it sharp.

Law-abiding citizens are starting to wonder why they just put up with it, why they look the other way when laws get broken, why they routinely follow the law when others so noticeably do not, why they feel nothing can be done when they know something should be done, why they feel increasingly more and more unsafe and invalidated in their own town centres, why they cannot any longer rely on things which used to be taken for granted but far, far more than anything else they wonder why a police which is “inclusive” should be so obviously excluding them by allowing lawlessness and disorder to thrive and grow.

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