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November 20, 2022

WE have to consider what Mark Drakeford and his all too obvious successor Vaughan Gething are doing in dirty dealing Qatar shaking hands with snake sheikhs and dodgy despots.

Are they there to do deals, like all the other dignitaries given free tickets and other tasty tawdry teasers in secret, to bring back new business and plenty of new cash investment (the only possible justification for their odd breaking of a Labour Party ban on going to Qatar, but how on earth would that be measured?) or are they using the national team’s appearance at the World Cup for the first time since 1958 as an opportunity to showcase Wales’s specific attractions and promote and market to boost tourism and inward investment?

The atheist far left socialist would ordinarily give such an openly oppressive, totalitarian Muslim Sharia law state a very wide birth because it is united by religious zealotry in the way Wales used to be – a conservative parochial small village church and chapel God-fearing nation pulpit-pounded into punishing passivity by a Crachach-led hierarchy.

But this is a new Wales nothing like Qatar’s openly traditional conservative family values-based parochial small village mosque Mohammad-fearing nation minbar-pounded into punishing passivity by an Islamic preaching elite backed by “eye for an eye” Sharia law.

Oh no, Drakeford’s vision of Wales reflects his progressive, atheist, postmodernist, radical feminist, Social Justice Theory dogmatic orthodoxy which places inclusivity (not, very significantly, inclusion. That’s a different thing as “inclusivity” for the vast majority of Welsh people means being actively excluded), diversity of identity, gender and sexual preference, multi-racism and multi-culturalism above religion with reason and tolerance above belief and faith.

But this vision of Wales is NOT, presently, the Wales we live in. Wales is a socially conservative country peopled mainly by Christian family values-based believers in things like marriage between Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve and in many respects its people differ only superficially from Qatari people in their grasp of the fundamental basics of lives lived mainly in close-knit families and communities.

In the safely anonymous space of a ballot box, the Welsh voted FOR Brexit as wholeheartedly as the English with very high numbers of Brexiteers in the most economically devastated areas in the south Wales valleys and the lower working class towns and cities currently facing ruin.

The truth is that Drakeford leads a powerful and very vocal Crachach and university campus-centred minority of fellow academics with little life or business experience better versed in Michel Foucault, Karl Marx and Audre Lorde than in Evan Roberts, William Williams Pantycelyn and the coalfield militants who always knew the price of a loaf and how to get one.

These powerful and very vocal Crachach and university campus minorities are now driving the car very slowly (observing the 20mph limits) but very determinedly against the real direction the silent majority who voted for Brexit want to go in.

Evidence of this comes in silly little things like the changing of Snowdon to Yr Wyddfa and Snowdonia to Eryri based on a petition of just 5,000 names in a country with something like eight million inhabitants.

This wild wagging of the dog by its tail gets worse by the day with Welsh language activists and trans and gay rights propagandists as well as over generously funded BAME political pressure groups, green and rainbow-coloured alliances now calling the shots, their dogma and orthodoxy unchallenged, unquestioned and unconditionally supported.

So Drakeford will present the Qataris with a minority-backed ideological Wales (with the stress on its discrete difference to England rammed home again and again in a propagandistic promotion aided, abetted and inspired, possibly even scripted by his natural allies the nationalist Scots seeking further division to gain greater power for themselves) deeply based in postmodern academic fundamentalism rather than in ancient religious fundamentalism and he will actively compare and contrast life in Wales with life in Qatar while staying there to grandstand and boast about the “immense benefits” from his personal and personally-led revolution to make compulsorily Welsh-speaking Wales a sanctuary for migrants, a welcoming safe space for trans and gay people, and an outward looking, modern and liberal place of freedom, respect, civility, and progressive values.

Fine if all this had truly made lives lived here better.

In the dark days in 2020 and 2021 at the height of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, Dr Doom’s Cardiff Bay regime persistently needlessly seized on it to build artificial borders with England and impose draconian measures on its own inhabitants by accessing discretely different medical and scientific advice which we were never able to access to significantly frighten people into compliance with unnecessarily harsh and punishing restrictions.

Drakeford brought these in as different measures in a different way to the English Westminster government, making the most of his health and safety powers devolved to him so that people who were unfortunate enough to live in Wales were unable to enjoy as much freedom and support as their neighbours only miles and sometimes yards away.

He later refused to have an inquiry into the Welsh government response specifically, claiming that it was part of a nationwide effort so not worthy of separate investigation.

I was unable to fly from Bristol Airport not because my flight did not take off but because Welsh Labour had banned all road transport out of the country over the Severn Bridge, meaning that for the first (and only) time in my life I realised that I did not live in a United Kingdom any more and was being held captive in Wales.

Drakeford bought PPE from China and introduced some of that country’s totalitarian policies which earned him the description of “Kim Jung Drakeford” including banning non-essential goods in supermarkets in October 2020, helicopters guarding the Anglo-Welsh border earlier that year, and the introduction of vaccine passports for various venues in September 2021 with harsher and more urgent and severe closures of public venues for recreation, exercise and entertainment.

During March 2021, he proposed that all men be subject to a curfew and his government quoted black supremacist militant hate group the Black Panthers in a June 2022 “action plan”.

The truth is that Drakeford has made Wales a positively unpleasant place to live in for me using his power under health and safety legislation, apparently vast in worldwide emergencies, to mask and conceal major flaws in an ancient analogue-based NHS on the point of collapse.

This is made very significantly worse by the fact that we live in a permanent one-party state with the Overton window constantly moving further left partly because Plaid Cymru exist only to prop up Welsh Labour and as there was no specific COVID-19 inquiry into Welsh government, they appear unaccountable and unquestioned.

For many years, I wanted to live in the country of my birth as a positive choice. Not any more. I might feel more at home in Qatar so long as Dr Doom doesn’t keep turning up to lecture me on human rights, trans and gay issues and labour transgressions as he constantly does here while the country itself and its people decline and despair.

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