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November 20, 2022

“TODAY I feel gay”…”Today I feel a migrant worker” – where those two statements from FIFA president Gianni Infantino linked as his personal admission of sexual activity currently banned in Qatar using the word “feel” literally in the second and metaphorically in the first?

The truth, of course, is that Infantino himself would not understand the subtle differences between metaphorical and literal English language because the English language (the standard international language of business and travel) is a stranger to him so consequently he would not see the necessity to add the word “like” in both so we fully understood that he was speaking metaphorically and not literally and was not a homosexual (maybe temporarily) who had “felt” a migrant worker.

As is the case with all the foreign football managers in our midst, we have to parse and break down what they say for accurate meaning and they lazily rely on us to translate that for them while persistently speaking a form of infant school (or, in his case Infantino school) English because that is the language that sells.

So hopelessly denuded of engagement and involvement have we English-speaking Christian white Europeans become, we don’t any longer even attempt to point out their mistakes or correct them because they have the money/power and we don’t.

Subtle nuanced language is not the province of football – the positive invasion of foreign coaches who can barely string together a comprehensible sentence and the wholesale buying out of our game, stadia and all its values and ethics by dirty gulf state or Yankee wealth evidences this powerfully with the permanent procession of Manchester City’s Etihad billionaires to the top led by a Spanish manager who might think “subtle nuance” was a south American goalkeeper currently available for £15million if you talked to the right agents.

Nor, of course, is clarity, philosophical grasp and certainty about morals and ethics based in a firm foundation built solidly on egalitarian, humanitarian and evidence-based procedure and engagement between open, honest and truthful good actors.

FIFA is a racket rotten at its core and its president addressing us about his instinctive empathy for disabled and minority groups because he was a ginger minger as a boy was like Del “who dares wins” Trotter telling everyone in the Nags Head that his Trevor Francis tracksuits were ethically purely produced by minority groups he personally had helped by selling them.

Adopting a wounded morally righteous tone (I kid you not), he started from a political viewpoint which looks at the world as a morally and ethically corroded place to justify an individual’s own moral and ethical corrosion. The Godfather Michael Corleone’s “I did what I had to do to protect you from the horrors of this world” by making it a more horrific place but then favourably comparing their own horror with worse horror and concluding that everyone who points out horror of any kind is a hypocrite.

That is forgivable but to extend that, as he seemed to be doing, to clothe himself in a crusader cape and position himself as a benefactor motivated deeply and honestly to improve the lot of humankind, particularly disabled, minority groups with poor human rights and woeful access to meaningful help, support, care and treatment is totally unforgivable.

White Europeans “should be apologising for the next 3,000 years”, he said, drawing cynically on Foucauldian and Derridean postmodern postcolonialist propaganda in a Social Justice orthodoxy currently raging in universities, enabling even outright gangsters like Infantino to cry “racism” as a final block on any expression or robust enquiry of any kind with students and journalists disempowered and banned from questioning.

That is a classic example of burying us Christian white Europeans in guilt and accusing us of hypocrisy for anything we say because of our apparent exploitation and colonisation of black Asian minority ethnic minorities in the past. This is being used cynically to silence and suppress us more and more every day.

Far, far worse, it is being used by Infantino – and huge numbers of politicians now – to justify their own despicable track records of dodgy dealings, bungs, bribes and offensive oil and gas-rich state expansion and exploitation because as a Christian White European you are now the hypocritical permanently guilty nigger of the world who cannot any longer point to the faults and frailties of others.

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