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November 22, 2022

PROFESSOR Laura McAllister was asked not to wear a rainbow-coloured hat to virtue signal on behalf of a grievance-based LGBTQ+ minority while supporting Wales at the World Cup in Qatar so has now accused FIFA, the game’s governing body, of foul play.

Now if Professor McAllister knocked on my door seeking entry wearing a rainbow-coloured hat leading what she calls the Rainbow Wall – angry homosexual and trans people supporting a menacing form of far-left Social Justice oppression and totalitarianism in our universities and public spaces far, far more than they support Wales – I would politely ask her to remove any symbols of virtue which I happen to not consider virtuous.

Hopefully, she would comply because it would be my house and not hers. If she later publicised the exchange between her and I, accusing me of all manner of human rights abuses and branding me a Nazi on my own doorstep, I would be – yet again – helpless and hopeless in an “inclusive” country which actively excludes me.

The same might happen in a mosque here in Wales. She was in a Sharia law Islamic state, for God’s sake, where society is structured according to religious tenets which believe in silly little fundamental scientific truths like two women in bed together cannot produce offspring and neither can two men.

Indeed, they also believe that promoting the fantasy that they can and living in a world where we routinely indulge them to normalise same sex marriage and family life while reconstructing our entire system to advantage them at our own expense is obscene.

They also strongly reject the willfully warped theories of Professor Judith Lorber to make gender – not biological sex – central and reject gender and sexuality as social constructs used by hierarchical white Christian European alpha male oppressors to act in a Foucauldian sense of a permeating grid, which has prompted an outbreak of gender bending and breaking with even young kids declaring themselves trans or non-binary.

Regular readers will know that Professor McAllister and the radical lesbian feminist movement she appears to lead is growing like topsy in the decision and policy making chambers in Wales, allowing her to make statements with genuine righteous indignation appearing to represent us all: “I pointed out that FIFA had made lots of comments about supporting LGBT rights in this tournament, and said to them that coming from a nation where we’re very passionate about equality for all people, I wasn’t going to take my hat off.”

She wasn’t representing me and I would strongly reject her version of “equality” and would actively “queer” it, if I may borrow from some of the language used by this perverted postmodern Queer Theory academic activist pressure group centred at universities on the west coast of America.

She is right to state that we Welsh are very passionate about equality of opportunities (where everyone gets an equal chance to win in an open and transparent process) but we are very passionately opposed to what she calls “equality” as hers is equality of outcome (a totally different thing to equality of opportunities).

Equality of outcome – the present system crippling democracy – seeks to actively engineer the open competitive process at the outset for jobs, contracts, political representation and many other things to deliberately unfairly favour representatives of minority groups so that, for instance, speaking Welsh and being homosexual become, in and of themselves, very significant advantages in the market place over heterosexual English only speakers which can be wielded as assets for a person seeking to cash in on the current political demand to bring about outcomes considered more pleasing to the ideological political pressure groups and extremists.

This leads to constant glaring examples of gay Welsh speaking people being selected for posts and positions NOT purely on their ability to do a job in an open and transparent process but based on the boxes they tick with ideological political pressure groups.

The smaller the arena, the worse this is and Wales is a small and hugely incestuous arena.

But the main issue now is around the motivations of many of the people who go to football matches and now actively seek to impose upon others their values and ethics with really rather odd and tone deaf passive aggressive ideological stunts and symbols like a team of male footballers, none of whom are gay, wearing rainbow armbands.

Was Professor McAllister there as a guest of the Qataris or of FIFA or did she fund the trip herself?

Things are incredibly financially tight and worrying here in Wales, so how did Professor McAllister and all these other bricks in the red and rainbow wall manage to find the cash to go and support Wales in the World Cup?

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