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December 25, 2022

OUT with the old, in with the new… Goodbye to 2022 and hello to 2023… it’s time to address the key issue of how we started the year fretting and sweating with Christmas cancelled, jabbed and masked to keep alive due to a killer pandemic to ending it not really giving a damn about COVID-19 at all with no masks and jabs and Hey Presto! the authoritarian policing completely disappeared almost as quickly as it had menacingly appeared.

I wandered around Tesco yesterday with heaving masses of totally unmasked adorable deplorables helping themselves to last minute turkeys, turkey burgers, turkey sausages and turkey twizzlers at 75 per cent off and one woman even put her hand on me twice (I thought I’d died and gone back to unsafely distanced non-essential contact Hell with bootiful Bernard Matthews at high altar).

Answers come from right or left with Bible believing anti-postmodernist traditionalists like Public Child Protection Wales,, some of whose members leafleted me earlier this month in Newport town centre protesting at Welsh government education enabling even tots to question their own gender and sexuality. They will start their explanation with Bill Gates, George Soros and the New World Order and the firm belief that there was no pandemic at all as it was a cunning stunt to digitally control money supply, fill us full of cloning technology and easier control and coerce us in future when the Devil finally gets his way. They will go on to tell you real risks from adverse side-effects of being vaccinated were far, far higher than of death from COVID-19 (something I now, broadly, favour because the startling neglect from the NHS currently appears to mandate unhealthy scepticism as a survival tactic).

Leftist postmodernist Social Justice black activist decision makers, on the other hand, who invaded and conquered our universities and political debating chambers throughout the world to make everything about gender, race and identity (if anybody is in any doubt that these ideological didacts now hold all the ace cards just read student journalism for a frightening dystopian nightmare vision of the future) will weave an entirely different story to explain this baffling, bizarre statist draconian health and safety totalitarianism, pointing out that lives were saved by “lockdowns” and vaccines and future rules might even need to be more severe, even appearing enthusiastic about state oppression mastered best in China, where the flu virus emanated from and citizens only now have fought back. They will then add that denying our kids jabs and a liberal postmodernist education would be cruel while brandishing rainbow and green flags as passive/aggressive weapons and viciously silencing and supressing dissent.

There seems no alternative to the centre parting to left and right with fewer and fewer safe and sensible routes down the middle to navigate the world using scientific reason, impartial, uncensored and reliable data, authoritative rather than authoritarian guidance and help with easy access to as much fact-based information (yes, even disinformation) as possible and open, accessible contact with those in authority to enjoy mature, reasoned and nuanced communication which might even, horror of horrors, offend and be inaccurate.

A ruling cadre consolidated the obvious gains they made during the early part of the pandemic in 2020 (Welsh Labour using it shamelessly to ban canvassing at doorsteps before they processed back to power AGAIN in the 2021 election by masquerading despicably as life savers), legitimising mandated isolation and “safe distance” from each other, crucially enabling them to dictate unconditionally without having to speak in person to anyone save for BBC Wales and the Western Mail (so hopelessly colluding and collaborative now that they give Welsh Labour’s line without even bothering to ask them), spectacularly symbolised by the masks, the dreaded, dreadful masks, which about one in 100 still wear so that they look like villains and robbers.

This remote control – so remote that nobody was really being controlled at all but too many thought that they were and far too many still naively and stupidly believed that it was a proportionate and sensible response due to confected blind fear of their own demise – enabled the public sector to close down completely and health care to stop caring which, broadly, is the position currently with ambulance and nursing staff (who we were once mandated to applaud outside our houses by our national broadcasters) on strike (God help the sick, elderly and infirm).

It enabled frighteningly fierce security guards at Newport Magistrates Court on January 6, 2022, to at first deny me access to the court for the sentencing of former city councillor and South Wales Argus advertising manager Chris Evans on a charge of procuring a prostitute (or to use official court language: “a street sexually exploited adult”) in the city centre on the grounds that because I was not a card carrying accredited journalist, I was banned like all members of the public on spurious health and safety rules from attending court and any public buildings

I stood my ground outside and eventually someone in the court building carrying more accountability than the invasive wand-waving security guards wielding trays into which I had to put all my belongings decided to allow me in to write my report.

There is no difference in law between a member of the public and an employee of a media company who might have trades union or employer accreditation and this is deliberately so that justice can be seen to be done by the public, though governments are trying to change this, led mainly by Stalinist Scots to target bloggers and citizen journalists like Jacqui Thompson.

The minute we stop being allowed access to public buildings, which we, not they, own, is the moment totalitarianism starts (look at how Scotland dealt with Craig Murray). Significantly, security guards at the Old Bailey hearings into the extradition of Julian Assange to the USA on spying charges were given the same powers to exclude members of the public from witnessing his case on emergency health and safety grounds so everything happened in private. God alone (and Boris Becker) knows what it was really like in prison or in one of those luxury hotels where UK holidaymakers had to pay to quarantine or asylum seekers were locked into luxury suites at our expense.

A court building is a first introduction to prison with rules and regulations about behaviour and conduct monitored actively so it serves both as a warning and an insight and must be open to everybody so they fully appreciate that warning and insight. So, too, with democracy: our town halls, debating chambers and meeting spaces have to remain open to all.

But these extraordinary emergency health and safety powers – which we did not challenge or resist – have heralded a new remote controlled world far more manageable for the ruling cadre. GPs avoid examining you physically, politicians avoid speaking to you personally, media companies and their ragbag representatives avoid asking awkward questions, Shop staff avoid crowded aisles, and everyone else still avoids each other and any kind of work (particularly public sector staff now used to generously supported “sickies” rather than wet and warlike “wellies”) except door-to-door delivery drivers and riders, our most obvious symbol that most are still psychologically sheltering indoors effectively too afraid (probably of the square backpack Deliveroo electric bike riders racing rampantly on and off pavements in the High Street) to go back out to collect chicken tikka massala.

This is what happened in 2022.


I emerged blinking out of mandated isolation and curfews to write:

“This, I fear, is the shape of things to come. A remote, unaccountable and unelected high command commanding infantilised adults.

Empathy and understanding between individuals depends upon trust and a full and secure belief that neither is a danger to the other founded in the certainty that neither has a malign intention nor potential to damage the other. The handshake or hug is a symbol of that as it tells the other person you carry no guns. Medical care and treatment MUST always start from this certainty.

“That has gone and will never return because an unelected, totally unchallenged, unquestioned and unaccountable medical and scientific high command has been elevated by the establishment above everyone so that we are mandated to “follow” them and their diktats whatever happens. Soviet-era Russia has come to the UK.”

The first real taste of that came on January 6 when I insisted on attending the sentencing of a Newport councillor for procuring a prostitute after security guards denied me entry. This councillor had once helped to pay mine and many others’ wages by doing the dirty work of selling advertising space in the South Wales Argus while the dreaded Newsquest group slashed costs and milked a cosy political love-in with a deliriously inept Welsh Labour to win cash help while they cut and wasted. I saw and still see him as a victim who paid a hideously unjust price for his “moment of madness” in a world which now legitimises sex work and a court system which protects street vermin ahead of law-abiding people who might occasionally fall or err. He was made a public spectacle while the working girls and their drug-dealing pimps yet again enjoyed anonymity due to data protection rules and political police agendas on violence against women and girls.

And that set the tone for the year which started with pubs closed, shops policed and exercise rationed because a Welsh ruling one-party state had decided what was best for you without consulting you or even giving you sight of the evidence guiding their decision making. Later, they were to go on to decide that an independent inquiry was not needed here, which was fine with BBC Wales and the Western Mail, who shamefully ramped up Welsh nationalist extremism by targeting English incomers who “crossed the border” to walk in the Brecon Beacons and coastal beauty spots. I felt ashamed to have been born here.

It was broadly at this point that I joined Bannatyne’s gym to be confronted at entry by the manager who demanded that I wear a mask as if I were a leper. I had quit one GP surgery after complaining to Aneurin Bevan University Health Board about a GP who telephoned me almost an hour late because nobody was allowed face-to-face consultations (they remain as rare as hen’s teeth) and the Welsh NHS is ancient and analogue so unable to offer digital links. My new surgery, I noted, was warning that anyone who appeared without a mask for appointments would be offered a consultation in the car park (honestly, I kid you not).

I reported on another Newport City councillor Caerleon Tory Joan Watkins, who returned to duty after a three month ban issued by the Welsh public services ombudsman Nick Bennett – who had helped to set up Bute Communications with Labour MS Alun Davies – after her local surgery complained that she breached codes of conduct rules when she lobbied them on behalf of a constituent. She would later lose her place on the council at an election. Watkins was paid £20K and Evans £23K.


Relations with the staff at my new surgery did not improve after I was forced to apologise to them for “confronting” a nurse, or to use the new language which might not offend, a primary care and triage operative, now given prescribing powers. Consultations had become confrontations and now staff regularly use passive/aggressive tones.

“The blatantly politically co-ordinated and orchestrated howling, torrential, menacingly marauding crusade in Scotland and Wales to blame England and its Tory power base for all deaths due to COVID-19 – even those in their own countries by despicably pointing to English incomers who “crossed the borders” south and west to infect others – continues to rumble on like Storm Eunice (demonic, fearful, supernatural gales blowing satellite dishes, bins, slates and trees down my street named after a benign God-fearing spinster peacefully knitting baby clothes in the Highlands – doesn’t that sum up our current crazy, crazy world) with no sign of an end any time soon,” I wrote.

I saw being in Wales as a massive disadvantage and was grateful that I could get life-saving Megabus or National Express coach journeys to London or Birmingham to at least pretend for a short while that I wasn’t trapped and tormented by Kim Jung Drakeford and his dreadful cronies.


St David’s Day brought new hope and light, as it always does. With Spring in my step, I took aim at Dr Phil Hammond, Private Eye’s MD, who persistently found a way to turn a health crisis into a Tory one and further his British Medical Association mantra about uncaring and inept tight-fisted bungling ministers while more people died needlessly conveniently never mentioning how Dr Harold Shipman and many other God-like psychiatrists and surgeons had done more harm than good.

Freedom of expression online kept cropping up with the Online Safety Bill rearing its ugly head as a draconian statist threat to free speech. My membership and support of Toby Young’s excellent Free Speech Union became much more active and engaged as a consequence and I was able to finally meet up unmasked, uncensored and uninhibited with other enthusiasts in Cardiff, Birmingham and London to howl with rage.

I wrote about the sad demise of regional journalism, where I had worked for more than 15 years, and noted that an old saying we used about supping with a long spoon if you supped with the devil was now crucial.

Regional news editorial staff, denuded drastically in numbers and influence, had come under greater pressure than ever to sidle up to and sweet talk funding politicians, especially in Wales where a new Sunday title, Newsquest’s The National, came and went quickly with its blaze of Welsh nationalist propaganda, pseudo journalism and peurile piss-poor content they tried to entice punters to pay a subscription for. Bloggers like Jac o the North and Jacqui Thompson, with her personal recollections of horrendous political persecution, were far, far more reliable and truly trustworthy sources of real news and, increasingly, our only hope of costly and risky investigative journalism as our trainee digital reporters were reduced again and again to selling property auction stock or clickbaiting. Anonymous sources, too, who used that to whistle blow or spill the beans on officious offenders, particularly in health and care settings, now give us a much more open clean sewer of meaningful sometimes anecdotal evidence and criticism so that, by and large, I am far more likely, now, to glean something authentic and congruent from a comment than from the story itself in regional journalism.

Politicians are clearly very afraid of this new unregulated mass of people so have armed themselves with litigation, the Scottish government appointing Lady Dorrian specifically to clamp down by jailing Craig Murray for daring to attend and report on the Alex Salmond sex charges trial, and the UK government starting to move menacingly against new “hate and harm” crimes by sinisterly exaggerating the threat to children to justify Stalinist over-reactions to naming and shaming warriors who were deliberately being synchronised with paedophiles in the public mind.


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