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January 15, 2023

RACEHORSE trainers in Newmarket are certain about what “race” means because their entire existence is dedicated fanatically to winning the next one at Sandown, Perth or Goodwood.

Instinctively and innately, they know that it is a fight between competing animals to get from point A to point B in the shortest possible time, with or without obstacles in their way and, of course, while carrying on their backs a human being able to guide, cajole, steer and punish. Nothing more, and nothing less.

These superior speedy specimens (entirely physical attributes with speed, courage, stamina, responsiveness, grit and determination uppermost in the minds of all trainers) are reared usually at stud by mating mares and stallions with impeccable bloodlines deliberately in the hope that their offspring will exceed the achievements of their sires and dams (hence the expensive fees to the owners of these superior animals to procreate to order in somewhat sordid circumstances).

The colour of these animals is of no consequence whatsoever to anyone as, generally, a white horse is as warmly welcomed in the winner’s enclosure as one which is jet black by the owner, trainer, jockey and anyone who put their pocket money on it at 10-1 with Honest Bob the bookie.

The race itself offers specifically dedicated equality of opportunity to all animals who enter with a handicapping system in place to help less naturally advantaged specimens with less impressive track records by giving them less weight to carry so that the journey from A to B is less arduous for them.

This, of course, is a reductive entirely physical test of speed and strength. The word “race”, however, is multi-faceted and has multiple meanings.

My definitions are meant to explain to people who do not understand how critical race theory and social justice theory activists in the radical feminist political power base on university campuses in west coast USA first appropriated words as part of a co-ordinated and carefully choreographed masterplan or strategy to change minds and messages to suit their grievance-based hierarchical orthodoxy then normalised their definitions and went on to punish and persecute those who challenged or rejected them.

Crucial is who actually writes the dictionary.

Overwhelmingly white racehorse trainers might offer definitions which overwhelmingly black radical feminists are likely to find offensive, particularly around colour and ethnicity, because one set of people is dedicated to winning at almost any cost while the other is dedicated to measuring the consequences of this mentality to society and to rejecting and challenging it aggressively.

Colour and heritage have been weaponised in a new way so that race is now considered to be inherently about skin colour almost entirely, leading to false conclusions arrived at in a frenzied atmosphere of political activism such as the new certainty that only black people can be abused only on grounds of race and that it is only white people who can do it, always against them and never with or for them, perhaps as a joke, a defense mechanism or simply to point something out to them most effectively.

Old tropes of English people making fun of the Irish now seem far less prominent and less recorded officially or complained about simply because it would be white-on-white race baiting. A white English person abusing a mixed race Irish one (aren’t we all mixed race really?) would, however, be a very different proposition.

Social Justice Theory and Critical Race Theory activists motivated by ancient grievances of oppression and enslavement of one group by the other act effectively as separators and dividers by not letting go of this rancid resentment yet present as unifiers and communitarians acting in the best interests of all.

The potent fuel which ignites and drives their worldwide “Our way or the highway” campaign to make us “own” our heritage and lineage then make allowances, reparations and apologies for it if necessary while totally re-engineering the language we use, our social engagements, appearance, mode of communication and style of address to reflect and represent our “guilt and shame” – as if we were all guards at Auschwitz who pushed people into the showers in a past life – is the intensely combustible non retardant incendiary perceived slights, insults and abuses which automatically, now, can only be directed one way by a superior race against and at an inferior one and never the other way, leaving one trapped in victimhood and permanent hurt and injury while the other languishes in the position of a fully-loaded gun aimed dangerously and irresponsibly with no consequences for the damage.

These instances and episodes constitute RACISM, according to the dogmatic, uncompromising and entirely dictatorial gold-leafed doctrine of the high priestesses of social justice now helping to shape public policy and political debate and discussion in their own fanatical image. That word will be the subject of a future WORD OF THE WEEK.

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