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March 10, 2023

GARY Lineker – who once told us that “pipe to pipe bushmen” was code for two paedophiles having sex while watching children from a shrub – is doing a fantastic job of both destroying the BBC and its licence fee AND building up support for the government’s border clampdown on illegal immigrants.
Crisps advertising star Gary is a national treasure who should keep on giving his opinions on anything and everything apart, of course, from paedophilia after he appeared on Channel 4’s Brass Eye looking earnest and parental to warn about prowling paedos in the park.
Yes, keep tweeting Gaz, you’re doing a great job, mate.
In fact, I think he should be knighted, even made director general of the BBC and immediately given a high-profile role somewhere where he can cause even more damage by bashing out his opinions randomly as if we were all waiting with bated breath for the random meanderings of the son of a Leicester market trader.
A former footballer – a sport known for its lack of morality and corporate greed – who wallows luxuriously in his many mansions enjoying a jet-setting gilded lifestyle which insures him against awkward things like having to live next door to a house in multiple occupation or a hotel housing illegal immigrants is just the person to lead on this issue.
Go on Gary, this is an open goal.

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