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March 13, 2023

RADIO Wales’s phone-in show is usually hosted by Jason Mohammad, a Muslim Cardiff boy with mixed race heritage who has learnt the Welsh language and regularly uses it in his broadcasting in Wales, some of which has concentrated on racial tension in his native suburb of Ely, where race riots broke out in 1991 when he was a boy.

Our Jase was stood down this morning and the show presented by Oliver Hides who listened to a procession of angry callers lambast Gary Lineker for comparing our illegal immigrant policy to 1930s Germany. BBC Wales chose to replace Jason because he joined a band of well-paid sports staff to support the former England striker’s right to free speech by refusing to host a football show on TV so could no longer claim to be impartial. Does this mean he cannot host phone-in shows ever again?

BBC Wales had Andrew R T Davies, Welsh Conservative leader, giving his reaction on the show but, very, very oddly nobody from Welsh Labour or Plaid. I wonder why? Did they not have an official line or was nobody willing to voice it?

Let’s nail the lie that BBC Wales is in any way impartial.

This is a broadcasting corporation which now regularly gives Welsh government official lines word-for-word as part of their news stories without even asking someone in Cardiff Bay to speak or getting them to give it in person and be open to robust questioning, which its journalists have largely given up on, led for far too long by the Talfan Davies dynasty, which campaigned against Brexit and is historically linked to ancient Welsh Wales.


The direction of travel at Talfan Davies Tower, the swish new headquarters outside Cardiff Railway Station and in front of a statue of Betty Campbell, a black Tiger Bay teacher, is for even greater adherence to strict Stonewall and BLM diktats and mantras on identity, trans rights and racial discrimination.

The imposing tower standing next to the journalism department at Cardiff University in a hideously overdeveloped part of the city is likely to be a hotbed of postmodernist cultural Marxism in the future with eager beavers fresh out of Aberystwyth University inside working feverishly to amplify Welsh Labour and Plaid Cymru consensus after they signed a pact.

Our Jase, a Welsh speaking Muslim from a deprived racially segregated council estate, is now a standard bearer for this wing of the nation and no longer just a broadcaster.

So….. is our Jase going to tell us where he stands on everything or just some things?

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