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September 29, 2022 – an online site offering discounted prices on hotels, guest houses, hostels and increasingly now a huge number of private houses and apartments owned by grubby profiteering landlords – offer “free cancellations” on hotels stays they offer.

What’s not to like about that, you think.

Make a reservation with no upfront payment at all and maybe pay the establishment later when you actually get there (remember the good old days when hotels gave you a bill at the end, not the beginning, of your stay?).

The catch is that still for some reason the platform requires you to give them your bank card details as if you were paying upfront though they tell you that it is just to prove that you can pay later.

Unfortunately for me, their bank software system is faulty to the point of being totally unworkable with frequent glitches and refusals of funds even though it looks as if the transaction is going through.

This has prompted them to now write to offer me a “refund” for accommodation on their platform I was unable to book or reserve because “there was a problem” with my bank card. It appears that even though there was a problem, disturbingly, funds were transferred from my bank account to

I am not experiencing that problem anywhere else.

I would very much like to put these points to them in the way that I did to Caleb Carter of Royal Mail when a parcel I was expecting was delivered to another address but sadly – like eBay and PayPal – are now ethereal Godlike invisible entities in the sky with no living breathing people to speak to, totally unaccountable and unreachable, communicating with you in an ever decreasing circle of limiting disempowering yet sinisterly coercive missives.

Our energy and mobile phone companies not to mention our GP surgeries are now also similarly run with the blatant illusion of customer service

I will now be boycotting because their bank software is clearly neither safe nor reliable with frequent mistakes.


September 26, 2022

THERE may be something I am missing about the Alex Belfield “stalking” trial after the obviously jaundiced and bitter DJ was jailed for five years but I fear that something is amiss.

Stalking I took to be an unhealthy obsession, usually sexual, with an individual who requites neither the love nor lust of another individual who has developed some unwanted and intrusive psychological dependence upon them or a fantasy version of them.

Obvious symptoms of this unwanted and intrusive psychological dependence would be things like person B persistently turning up in person A’s garden uninvited or sending them flowers and love letters every day.

Online, we would have person B getting into person A’s Facebook account to bombard them with promises of undying love or persistently posting pictures of them or sexual pestering. This is why we have the concept of “blocking” where you can bar individuals you don’t like.

Belfield did not, it seems to me, have an unrequited passion for nor any unwanted and intrusive psychological dependence upon any of his “victims”. It appears to me that instead he held personal grudges against them or harboured some animosity to them, in common with some others, which he expressed online in deeply revealing bile-filled blasts redolent in loathing and disdain – much of it, of course, for himself subconsciously – which many people online could identify with and may have enjoyed for their rather gleeful sense of personal catharsis.

Our jails are filled to bursting point with little convincing evidence that they reform and rehabilitate, yet the maximum sentencing guidelines for this kind of offence was increased in 2017 from five years to ten years.

Belfield was also ordered to pay £10,000 prosecution costs and because he lacked the BBC-backing and legal expertise, he was reduced to defending himself while covering the case as a journalist on his Voice of Reason You Tube stream to save costs.

Yes, bitter, sad, lonely social unfortunates who once were at all the best parties due to their status and popularity but suddenly were crossed off all invitation lists due to some embarrassment or fall (Belfield’s apparent vendetta against the BBC blossomed and bloomed because at some point he was rejected by them) usually sink lower rather than rise higher when they are left vulnerable and isolated lacking the natural buoyancy and access to shoals of like-minded athletic speedy swimmers which would keep them afloat protected and zooming stealthily forward with all the other visibly popular usually celebrity status, politically prominent or wealthy individuals.

In many ways, Belfield appears to have become the mascot for similar individuals more heavily loaded with grudges and personal animosity to former colleagues and responsible, high-profile shoal swimmers than might perhaps be best for them.

His rancid, embittered, often brazenly nasty and viciously vindictive personal abuse (an everyday part of life in the media and in politics behind closed doors, in my experience) may have constituted harassment or threats (though I personally find the evidence of this to be relatively slight and definitely not justifying such a heavy sentence) but stalking?

It has prompted a flood of sympathetic apparently unconditionally supportive copy for “victims” like Jeremy Vine with leftist journalists decrying a new “menace of stalking” in stories like this.

Free speech is your right to abuse and insult me in a tolerant and liberal society which values self expression more than state suppression. It offers a mighty safeguard when those in power, those who are wealthy or who have celebrity-status persistently abuse their positions to persecute and punish others.

It would, for instance, have prevented atrocities like Nazi dictatorships and communist death camps because each individual would have been defended by law if they had called Hitler or Stalin an asshole just like Belfield called his “victims”.

My very real fear is that the internet is becoming a policed no authentic opinions zone where the more mighty and powerful resort to law each and every time someone points out that they are not very nice people.

Here in Wales, we saw how blogger Jacqui Thompson was hounded by council chief executive Mark James, who set his legal dogs on her for saying nasty things about him.

Belfield, obviously, is not as similarly naive and uninformed, but I grow more disturbed by the draconian punishment meted out to oddballs and outliers like him, who hold unconventional views and express them in personal vendettas which are deeply distressing for the “victims” but do not constitute genuine threats to their safety.

Assertiveness has been psycho-pathologized and made automatically into confrontation which monied people can now protect themselves against. Politicians and celebrities are now actively disproportionately magnifying the level of “online hate” and the concomitant potential for violence directed at them personally to insulate themselves against honest opinion in a cynical political exercise to demonise and marginalise all dissenting voices.

Debate has become stifled and sterilised by an all-powerful political elite which has wildly ramped up fears of physical violence, death or injury arising out of conflict or disagreement and restructured our interactions to be safe and non-threatening by placing huge posters up in public places warning that certain types of behaviour will not be tolerated.

This artificially over-insures, protects and validates the chosen and empowered officials – many of whom are incompetent, casual and may even be corrupt – while artificially over-demonising, marginalising and infantilising members of the public who now rely on these officials to make major decisions concerning their health and status which they are able to take without any authentic and meaningful expressions from those people in defence or in mitigation, who have been artificially over censored and policed.

The obvious direction of travel is towards an infantilised and fearful populace prevented from uttering authentic opinions in robust, assertive and aggressive ways so made mute and strait-jacketed languishing in safety cushioned rooms strapped down under the Online Safety Bill by health and safety totalitarians, snowflakes and fascists who simply want you to do as they say without question or challenge (a bit like the mendacious and deeply flawed government communication during the COVID-19 pandemic).

“Get a move on…there are people out here waiting to be crucified,” said a Jew to a Roman soldier ticking names off a list in the film Monty Python’s Life of Brian while sending them to their deaths.

I sense that Belfield will not go gently into that good night and I sense that some totalitarianism is well worth fighting against.


September 23, 2022

ROYAL Mail has apologised to me after I recently shared in an earlier post that I did not get my eBay parcel (rivets for a bicycle saddle I am repairing and restoring) because it went to another address.

The auction site ruled that I would not get a refund when I complained and the seller told me they had correctly addressed it and it had been marked as “delivered” at Newport West delivery office.

I wrote to Royal Mail’s press office and got this reply:

“Dear Mr Gibbs

I can see your item has been delivered to another address by going deeper into the tracking and viewing the GPS coordinates captured at the time of the delivery. They are approximately a 2 minute walk from your house. Regretfully, I cannot give you an exact address due to the limitations of the tracking but also due to a security element. We would prefer to try and retrieve the parcel ourselves if we can.

The pre-advice we have received from the sender show that your item was addressed correctly.

Although your item has been delivered to another address, it does not automatically mean they have stolen the goods, they could have put the parcel back into the network with a view to returning it to the sender. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the service used, it is unlikely that I would see tracking reflecting this. If this has happened it can take up to 6 weeks for this come through as it first passes through our National Returns Centre.

All mail should be sorted sequentially before leaving the office. Should an item be sorted incorrectly, this can sometimes result in an item being delivered to the wrong address. In many cases the person receiving the parcel doesn’t really pay attention or realise the parcel shouldn’t be for them.

I appreciate the people you have spoken to from Royal Mail did not share this information with you and how frustrating this must be. It is likely they did not know how to drill further into the tracking details. I will pass this on as feedback to make sure they are aware of how to do this from now on.

I wish you luck in getting contact details for someone from eBay. In the meantime, as said previously, I am happy to look at compensation for your item if you could just provide a proof of value.

Thank you

Caleb Carter

Royal Mail – Chairman and Chief Executive Office”

The key factor, for me, is that Royal Mail, along with quite a few other people, ruled that delivery staff no longer had to ask the occupant of the property to sign to state that they had received a letter or goods due to fears of catching COVID-19 during the height of the pandemic, when we were all trapped inside our homes. This then enabled delivery staff to sign themselves on behalf of the occupant without any physical interaction at all and this relaxation of the rules appears, to me, to still be standard practice whether the occupant likes it or not.

I now have to speak to eBay – which, in tune with modern trends, usually give you a first name and refuse to give you a surname and never give the title or position of the person representing them so they maintain anonymity and, to me, lack credibility and gravitas.

Oh.. what’s this, an e-mail from eBay asking me to spare three minutes to give them some feedback on this latest transaction. Well, I suggest you read this.


September 22, 2022

MY LANDLINE telephone rang years ago and I picked it up…

“I am from PayPal. Can you confirm that you made a transaction for £500 this week?” said a man with an American-sounding voice.

“No” I answered and it became clear to me that someone had hacked in or used a public computer to spend in my name.

The “conflict resolution” service then gave me the money back. I assume that they called me because it was a highly unusual transaction. I also assume that financial institutions actually have a duty to tell you about suspicious activity on your account.

Suspicious activity – my inbox is filled to bursting point with fishing e-mails trying to get me to reveal personal details or give money to all kinds of chancers getting more and more sophisticated in impersonating financial institutions – is at epidemic levels. From that moment on, I have steered clear of PayPal and do not use the service.

I relate this story after learning that a number of organisations including the Free Speech Union, which I pay dues to and currently rely on to help me if someone somewhere tries to cancel me for giving an opinion, have had their PayPal accounts closed because they breached “acceptable use” policy.

PayPal describes itself as a “simple and safer way to pay and get paid”. Started in 1998, it is a silicon valley invasive technology behemoth closely linked to eBay.

“In the first phase, payment volumes were coming mostly from the eBay auction website. The system was very attractive to auction sellers, most of which were individuals or small businesses that were unable to accept credit cards, and for consumers as well. In fact, many sellers could not qualify for a credit card Merchant account because they lacked a commercial credit history. The service also appealed to auction buyers because they could fund PayPal accounts using credit cards or bank account balances, without divulging credit card numbers to unknown sellers. PayPal employed an aggressive marketing campaign to accelerate its growth, depositing $10 in new users’ PayPal accounts,” Wikipedia explains.

These digital technocrats are now big beasts with a grip on your money.

They started out as a “family” with shared values, goals and ambitions to de-regulate trade and business using a technolibertarian model and they innovated and changed language (notice eBay not EBay and PayPal not Pay Pal) abandoning old certainties and replacing them with west coast libertarian permissive reforming zeal to make us all part of their “big happy family” with similar attitudes and values.

Julian Assange, still at Belmarsh Prison but facing extradition to the US, personified this new jeans and sneakers brigade aggressively and brazenly abandoning tried and trusted conventions like English grammar and civility and traditions like observing embargos and keeping state secrets secret going on to destroy jobs and totally smash established business and trade.

This foul globalist hegemony has imposed “shared values” on their “followers” from their sunny Californian swimming pool lounging areas and now, it appears, they are imposing political mindsets on them. Nameless and faceless individuals in “conflict resolution centres” are now ethereal and Godlike high commanders able to decide what is right and what is wrong without any appeal or even proper means of giving evidence. Kafka’s Josef K would recognise it immediately.

And it is definitely WRONG to be critical of or even sceptical of great technolibertarian “live and let live” radical feminist progressive trans, eco, BLM neo-Marxist orthodoxies of:

1, Asserting and promoting transsexual rights as normal even though they contradict both science and religion.

2, Mandatory celebrating of the safety and sanctity of biochemical vaccine medical interventions without question or inquiry.

3, Robust attacks on white people for being racist and guilty without the right to appeal or explain.

Hence, the organisations which have been threatened and banished are all, broadly, sceptical inquiry-based platforms, lobbying and pressure groups and semi-social membership associations seeking to give politically engaged individuals with challenging and sometimes confrontational mindsets a voice.

If radical feminist, progressive, trans, eco, BLM neo-Marxist approaches and attitudes are accepted as mainstream and “normal” then anyone who differs becomes extreme and “abnormal”.

And that, of course, is the real agenda behind all this activity emanating out of California – to impose their political will on us.

Already, online media has stated using words like “far right hate” to demonise and marginalise perfectly acceptable, relatively conventional views.

How much longer will it be until our NHS and other institutions impose “acceptable use” policies on everyone which are political gags and strait-jackets?


September 21, 2022

FROM the tear-threatened immediate reaction by black-tied Huw Edwards onwards, the BBC’s response to the death of HM The Queen was a direct contradiction of the modern values deeply embedded in youth-led aggressive multiculturalism, gender identity reforming protest and meaningful devolved/republican political reform they are now supposed to actively represent and promote.
It left me feeling certain that nothing much has really changed (apart, perhaps, from the fact that then we had little choice about paying the licence fee as there was no alternative) since the Prince of Wales’s Investiture in 1969 at Caernarfon Castle when I watched as an eight-year-old as spies and cops wandered around watching and warning us.
White might in the form of guns, swords and sabres linked to masculine military ranking – so powerfully embodied by the dead men walking Andrew and Harry ordered NOT to wear their uniforms so they appeared curiously “docked” like naughty overfamiliar poodles – still rules in the UK.
In Wales, particularly, it felt as if the future is too locked into the past for change.
Brian Hoey, the veteran BBC Wales royal commentator, broadcasting on the day King Charles visited Llandaff Cathedral, seemed to typify it….a kind of unquestionable and totally unconditional requirement on us all to bow down to that might, or else.
Hoey went on air in September 1962 as the first presenter on Wales Today and suitably stands as a still living, breathing motif for the past using that much more quaint and formal language to defer and refer to often bizarre court and Church in Wales protocol, etiquette and conventions out of time and vividly jarring with multi-race, multi-gender Wales today.
Younger reporters having to stand next to him apologised profusely, at points losing their dignity, when they called Charles “Prince”, as if they had slighted him personally, and quickly called Camilla “Queen” when she is, actually, “Queen Consort” (a very, very important distinction we would all do well to remember).
The general tone and feel was of blind gratitude and obedience, just as it was in 1969 when an assortment of nutty sickly sweet soft and hard centres like Emlyn Williams were wheeled out to stand in the castle grounds and sound like posh Welsh people to camera, celebrating and hailing the ghastly convention with its madcap madness perhaps best exemplified in that florid and camp Japanese-looking outfit worn by the colourful Lord Snowdon.
And the political leaders made no effort to disguise their dependence, either, feeling bold enough only to hope that William, too hastily made new Prince of Wales, might show an interest in learning the Welsh language (get him to move here and he will have to because everything now comes in Welsh first whether we like it or not).
I felt a shiver up my back on hearing that King Charles was given an intimate Cardiff Bay “audience” with Mark Drakeford, and saw it as the shape of things to come, sadly.
Dr Doom is a leader who gave us “interventionist” minister Alun Davies, who thought that giving media company Newsquest more money to save jobs was a good idea (yeah, great idea, that).
Ultimately, he who pays the piper calls the tune and the BBC has always known who really pays.
And so too, of course, has regional government.

And in English media, the drift towards partisanship and/or partiality goes on with people like Reform UK’s Richard Tice now presenting “news” then commenting on it after.

He remarked on how wonderful it was to see some “bobbies on the beat” at the time of the funeral as if he was watching Mary Poppins.

They weren’t on the beat, you idiot, those cops were primed like wound springs to pounce on terrorists while protecting world leaders at tremendous expense.

Indeed, there was the usual lemming-like mad rush among the ego-driven glitterati to see and be seen, perhaps best exemplified by Phil and Holly jumping the queue to discreetly “pay their respects”.


September 16, 2022

“A very bright light has gone out,” said Giles Brandreth, lolling luxuriously at a champagne reception in the London club. “My sweetest memory is of the moment she reached out to a raw young groom who had become entangled with the wheels of the Irish state coach while proceeding down the Mall. She said something to him and he absolutely convulsed with laughter. Absolutely convulsed…..”

“You know, I recall when the late Archbishop of Canterbury, Cosmo Lang once turned to her and asked for a slice of cake after delivering one of his sermons, completely abandoning protocol,” said Hugo Vickers, “and she gave him the most mischievous look. It really was rather a delight and the dear Archbishop absolutely convulsed with laughter. Absolutely convulsed….”

“Yes, the magic will go on,” said Ingrid Seward. “The brightest light may have gone out but the magic goes on. It must go on. I recall when she once turned to the High Commissioner for Tobago at a dinner during a state visit and asked him, with a completely straight face, if he had any tinned pineapples. He absolutely convulsed with laughter. Absolutely convulsed…”

Dickie Arbiter, declining a top-up, said: “I have so many memories but perhaps the most special was the day at Royal Ascot when Lester Piggott got off the royal horse and really rather impishly asked her if she could pay him in cash. She said something quite caustic and he absolutely convulsed with laughter. Absolutely convulsed….”

Andrew Morton, who got into the club via a side door, said: “I remember Diana, the Princess of Wales telling me confidentially of the time when she reached out during a private meeting with her mother-in-law when she was very young and in high spirits, hoping for a helping hand. She said something to her and she absolutely did not convulse with laughter. Absolutely did not…..”

“Harry and Meghan would be nothing without her,” said Angela Levin. “It’s not for me to say but it is true. My favourite memory is of the day when Harry and Meghan were on a Royal walkabout with her. Meghan said something typically nonsensical and air-headed to her and she absolutely convulsed with laughter. Absolutely convulsed….”

Omid Scobie strongly disagreed with Angela. “Harry and Meghan are the future. My favourite memory is of the day Meghan told me Finding Freedom was the best book she had ever read. I absolutely convulsed with laughter. Absolutely convulsed…”

“In all my years working for the BBC,” said Jenny Bond, “I never once heard a bad word about Aunty.” “No, me neither,” said Nicholas Witchell. At that everybody (and I mean everybody) absolutely convulsed with laughter. Absolutely convulsed….

Suddenly, a violent series of loud bangs and crashes disturbed the peace in the plush reception room as someone appeared to be desperately trying to force their way in.

Martin Bashir screamed through one of the open windows: “My favourite memory is of the day I was made religious affairs correspondent by the BBC. I told her and she absolutely convulsed with laughter. Absolutely convulsed….”


September 15, 2022

ROYAL Mail assures me that an item I bought on EBay has been delivered but I do not have the item.

Both Royal Mail and EBay are impersonal online platforms specifically designed with EVER DECREASING circular routes which keep you trapped in their online platform and disallow you from speaking directly to a person which, in the relatively rare event of a dispute like the one I have over my parcel, offer no suitable means of expressing dissatisfaction or even disgust nor of resolving a dispute.

The hideous AirBnB, and a whole host of other invasive tech platforms are ethereal presences out of reach of the customer, like some unstaffed fantasy factory purporting to always give you what you want.

In the good old days, there was a person on the end of the phone locally who “sorted it” (if you’ll pardon the pun) or you could write to the sub-postmaster or postmaster’s sub at some relatively local office who would reply in writing or call you pronto.

The terrifying trend to deny us direct communication with anyone in authority is expanding fast.

An added factor of COVID-19 has very skilfully and covertly been used to excuse and allow certain things (like posties now not giving you a device to sign to say that you have received a parcel by signing because of the “health risk” so they sign that it has been received themselves, YES, HONESTLY).

It’s now getting to the point where making a telephone call is a futile exercise because settings have been fixed so that once you get through the introductory menu of press one, two, three and four, you find yourself having to wait in a queue which is deliberately stacked high in the hope that huge numbers of people will just give up and hang up.

A doctor’s receptionist once put the phone down on me and I am now starting to notice that some phone calls you make automatically time out and the call is ended arbitrarily at a time set by them.

EBay NEVER give the names, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses or physical addresses of anyone within the organisation at all and all business is conducted by them anonymously and totally without meaningful input from you.

This then leaves you subject to some ethereal, Godlike executive sitting somewhere huddled together in cynical and sceptical HEAVENLY high command which has ruled that I will NOT get a refund for the item I didn’t receive and “my case has been closed” when they are not otherwise ordering me to “review” their service with limited options for critical customers.

I went to Newport West delivery office to enquire about the item.

After taking careful notice of the large sign telling me that staff should be treated with RESPECT because they are trying to help you and should not be abused or assaulted as if I were an axe-wielding maniac (far more revealing of a hidden truth was a small poster inside the glass cubicle which read something like “ALL CUSTOMERS PRESENTING HERE GIVE US PLEASURE. SOME WHEN THEY ARRIVE AND SOME WHEN THEY LEAVE”) and was told it had been delivered on Friday, September 2 at 13.17.

“But I haven’t got it,” I remarked. This prompted him to write down a telephone number 03457 740 740 on the printout he handed me and I took it home knowing that the very last thing I would do would be to call.

“16-09092-72429 We would like to inform you that the political situation in the world has no impact on the shipping of your order. Thank you for buying from us. Best regards Please tracking you order by:”

What on earth do they mean by “the political situation in the world”?

Now tracking numbers are meaningless pieces of nonsense because they are tracking it not you.

Who actually staffs these platforms and why are they invisible beings in the sky?


September 10, 2022

OLD friend to all of us adorable deplorables the former diplomat and jailed “journalist” Craig Murray has weighed in after HM The Queen’s death to enlighten us very kindly on what it was like to have had the eyes and ears of our greatest superstar (not the brightest button on the suit, according to him).

Adopting his typically modest and understated tone (ahem! ahem!) to point out that the institution he clearly hates is now on borrowed time with a short shelf life, the Julian Assange supporting republican Scottish nationalist makes many pertinent points about the way big British media, particularly the odiously stinking BBC which now is totally lost in a terrible time warp, has signally failed to move with the times like the very institution they are presently protecting from scrutiny (why has nobody asked what she actually died of and what will be on the death certificate? Was it COVID-19 related or was it in any way related to the vaccines?)

His missive made me laugh.

How on earth would he know that she was “not, to be frank, particularly bright and sharp” (did he make her sit an exam?) and did he establish just why he was “automatically” offered honours by her which he very proudly and probably showily refused?

He is spot-on, however, about the unctuous, mind-numbingly sycophantic tone deaf media and political coverage of the Royals which reduces us to footmen and maids at a “big house” we can never enter constantly fretting over our manners and comparative lack of etiquette and breeding and, crucially, about how this is alienating young people.

Much more of these sharp-elbowed desperately egotistical, slavering, obnoxious, pimped and preened camera hungry presenters (Kirsty Wark outside the gates of Balmoral looking like a summarily dismissed head of the pantry staff seemed, to me, to sum up the whole charade) “fronting” coverage while “taking the temperature of the nation” and “assessing the public mood as we all grieve” standing directly in front of gates to palaces we were never allowed into and I’ll be throwing up into an already brimful bucket of my own bile.


September 9, 2022
This photograph is made available for charities and not-for-profit organisations who wish to use a picture to mark the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II. It may not be used for merchandising or any commercial publication, and the logo in the bottom left of the picture must not be removed or obscured. The picture should be credited: PRESS ASSOCIATION / Danny Lawson.

IT FELT far more like the death of monarchy than the death of a monarch.

Queen Elizabeth the Second WAS and I suspect always WILL be monarchy for me because I have no other comparison in all my years of life. She had been Queen for eight years when I was born. She brought lived wartime experience of sheltering under a barrage of bombs so seemed less privileged and detached, bringing natural authority, command and deep respect like a national grandmother we all wanted to visit.

A part of me felt that that authority, command and deep respect had died with her in Balmoral yesterday.

Successive generations, both within and without the Royal Family, are less aware of our perilous vulnerability best exemplified in the German bombing campaign of World War Two when our relatively small island state held out against so many odds so may not be so needful nor respectful of that type of authority, command and deep respect.

Her successors strike me as decidedly less genuinely well-endowed in these attributes and far less naturally inclined to keep their counsel, strict political impartiality and stoical dignified silence in the way that wartime generation – who, crucially, genuinely believed that careless talk could cost lives – really naturally did simply because they genuinely believed they had to.

The Queen’s true majesty, therefore, came in what she did not say rather than in what she did.

That iron-strong restraint and discipline was locked into my monarch from early on. Faith – in every sense of the word – was therefore practiced by her generation rather than preached from new technological online pulpits so was never lost in a furiously flickering blizzard of vicious, vengeful, vicarious, venting.

The thought of a lean, green, mean too frequently opinionated King Charles the Third on our pound notes and stamps addressing us at moments of crisis and on Christmas Day, however, prompts a chilled reaction and the thought of Camilla as our Queen prompts a rather different though also quite visceral one in me.

A slimmed-down monarchy having finally fully jettisoned wantonly wasteful warriors Andrew and Harry with less pomp and circumstance and fewer palaces and flunkeys in this post-truth anti-deferential age filled to breaking point with angry symbols of arrogant individualism warmly welcomed by political extremists and opportunists will struggle to maintain its dignity and crucial independence and, I suspect, will be fighting most to establish relevance to the fast-growing furious.

I suspect that Charles will not have a full Coronation so may not be properly crowned.

The Queen’s Coronation in 1953 was an archetypally white Christian service celebrating the last remnants of formidable British Empire while elevating the assorted Germanic crowned heads of Europe with their inherited wealth, might and majesty, Church of England sanctity and supremacy over other religions, and an outward looking and still expanding conventional and conjoined United Kingdom with its people in all four corners much more as one and so naturally in harmony.

Subjects, therefore, were largely white, conventional and conjoined Christian unionists with a vested interest in linking together to expand and enlarge happily and profitably a much more truly United Kingdom.

None of those things currently exist so King Charles, unlike his mother, will not be head of a United Kingdom but a divided and furiously fraught one struggling to stay relevant and truly appropriate.

And… if to make my point for me, a footballer called Trevor Sinclair (no, me neither) steams in with a horrendously badly timed head-high tackle (yes, you guessed it, another of that permanently entitled and wantonly enriched group of suddenly politicised cerebrally challenged gilded clan of foul play divers and con artists – today’s new royal family but without the breeding, brains or basic belief) to earn himself a red card.

“Racism” was never “outlawed” because “racism” was and remains healthy respect and preference for similar others to some people regardless of colour and not what offensive Sinclair and his ilk have tried to turn it into, which is blackwashing to redress historical wrongs.


September 5, 2022

MARTIN Lewis – in case you didn’t know – is just a journalist like me and NOT a financial expert.

I start with a conservative summary because Lewis is litigious and has much, much more money then I have. He now, also, has a lot of power so getting on the wrong side of him could be costly. The sight and sound of him makes me hide behind the sofa or leave the room altogether because of his wind, warble and woeful lack of awareness.

“The cost of living crisis” is a media manufactured term (a bit like “millennium bug”, remember that?) which I think radical feminist progressive trans eco BLM neo-Marxists at the Guardian and the BBC in London and Cardiff, who want to dispense with capitalism and replace everything with government vouchers, have been ordered by editors to keep repeating in a concerted effort to keep pressing for nationalised big state economics (anyone really for big bad Arthur Scargill and the brothers back on picket lines as we convert to Cuba without the cigars?).

These horrendous halfwits too desk-bound to get out and dig their own stories have been leading news bulletin after news bulletin with wildly inaccurate, manically mendacious ludicrous stories about middle class monied women riding on buses in July “just to keep warm” because they cannot afford to heat and eat.

BBC phone-in shows have been front-loaded with walking talking virtue signallers on their way back from Waitrose with baskets groaning with polenta, organic quinoa and locally-sourced extra virgin olive oil who spout spurious senseless spittle-soaked hogwash about how they are going to have to do without opera tickets altogether this winter (exactly when did we lose the ability to prioritise and budget?)

The biggest growth industry is in Just Eat and Deliveroo cycle and car delivery drivers, for God’s sake, so where’s the crisis. People are drowning under the weight of pizza, vindaloo and McDonald’s delivered by these Albanian square-backpackers who now clutter our roads and pavements causing backlogs and havoc.

BBC and Guardian staff totally unjustifiably and disproportionately actively magnify the threat of a biting cold winter on the vulnerable and elderly (not because they really care) and because they are lazy and totally dependent on a formula, they wheel in Martin Lewis to spout some claptrap about the “energy companies” milking profits while Deidre from Devizes has to go without opera tickets while trapped on a bus keeping warm in central London in July.

And how they magnify it…..and how they rely on Martin to represent us.

Lewis has that demeanour which I find most irritating of all. His other-worldly detachment from reality – like all “presenters” he knows how to always relate best to the camera in the mistaken belief that that is his best way of relating to you – staunchly and stubbornly relies on him permanently adopting the self-satisfied, smirking stance and approach of a knowledgeable “champion” of the lower class who always wants what’s best for you.

You know the type…..they stand in bank halls these days kitted out in suits and carrying clipboards giving the impression that they know what’s best for you but that is just a marketing front because all they want to do is sell to you.

Lewis, however, has the best of both worlds because he is neither customer nor customer service so doesn’t need to stand in bank halls, he can sit above it all in plush, gaudy-coloured TV studios enjoying the “authority and expertise” clueless and lazy media Tristrams (as Adrian Gill used to call them) give him cosying up oleaginously to Sexy Susannah as if he were Dimbleby at Dachau in 1945 with that carefully disguised righteous indignation and disgust giving weight and gravitas.

He can, also, ramp up the fear and loathing levels considerably by weaving together one or two of his carefully woven attacks on the “big five”, as he has this week by predicting a “catastrophe”.

If it isn’t a catastrophe now be sure it will be by the time Martin Lewis has finished with it.