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January 29, 2023
MARRATHON MAN: Dandy Andy again, and again, and again…….

ANDREW Marr – that walking talking advert for self-adoration, pomposity, superciliousness, self-aggrandising, intellectual superiority and immense nauseous righteousness and sanctity with homilies from on high delivered in his patronising and condescending tones as if we were all hanging on his every word in a lofty loch-side Highlands manse as his housekeeper passes round the shortbread – now has a show on Classic FM speaking drivel robotically in between bursts of Brahms and Beethoven.

I nearly choked on my mid-morning muffin today when I heard this windy Scottish socialist very kindly explain to me using his broad repertoire of impressive knowledge and mighty majestic confidence and clarity the intricacies of musical composition with intros and outros to impress even the best informed music lovers.

“Oh Christ,” I exclaimed in horror, “not bloody Marr AGAIN!”

Who in God’s name is allowing this BBC reject to pollute the airwaves endlessly with his headmasterly blatantly biased lectures delivered without even a hint of self-awareness, humour or irony?

Again and again he pops up offering pompous carefully scripted and rehearsed words as if from some established moral high ground only he can access to inform and educate us mere mortals down and out in the sad suburbs and poor provinces.

This is a man who left the BBC but just couldn’t say goodbye so switched to Global Radio to give us an “opinion” show on LBC, the only problem being that a room containing Marr cannot contain any opinions because of his intensely righteous and intimidating presence.

Radio and television should be offering opportunities to new names, voices and faces in general to plan for the future so why rely on stale, pale, males like Marr to pose as music maestros as well as offer his socialist stewardship of our politics while pretending to be impartial and unbiased? Classic FM seems to think that former newsreaders like his mate John Humphries, another nauseating radio voice with harsh and sharp tones which jar and offend, are now the only natural true music lovers able to explain Elgar, mitigate Mahler and rhapsodise Rachmaninov.

Haven’t these two dinosaurs had enough airtime already, been paid enough of our money and isn’t it time for them to say goodbye for good, maybe with an entire orchestra to play them out?

Now that would be a very pleasing symphony hitting all the right notes which I would shout “BRAVO, BRAVO” to.



January 19, 2023

LET us assume, at the outset, that the modern word “racism” is, always was and always will be ONLY an offence (and, essentially, nothing else) then it would need to be policed and criminalised possibly with escalating levels of punishment by a vigilant and punitive regime, wouldn’t it?

Of course it would if the word, by itself and in isolation, actually means what many people now think it means too often without thinking about what it means.

Let us look first, as always, at dictionary definitions.

Our first definition is that it constitutes “a belief that race is a fundamental determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race” is drawn from Merriam-Webster, America’s most trusted online dictionary definer so likely to be the world’s.

Does your “race” determine your traits and capacities and does the difference between yours and that of different others produce superiority and inferiority? In my case, no and no. So I am able to reject this definition and go in search of another, aren’t I?

Those perceived to be inferior within that matrix will, however, have a vested interest in pursuing justice against the superior and become highly energised and motivated to heighten the levels of policing and expand the levels of criminality while persisting in “owning” inferiority to wield as a weapon, which is exactly what is happening because west coast of America radical feminist postmodernist critical race theory and social justice theory scholars have united against and are attacking traditionally and historically white male and stale hierarchies in law, politics, media, sport and, of course, academia by positioning them as permanently guilty and shamed because of their unconscious bias and often unconscious unknown lineage and heritage of oppression and enslavement of helpless others facilitated under a colonialist imperial power base they nor any of their predecessors may have played any part in nor had any direct experience or knowledge of.

I come from a long line of mongrels, poor petty criminal peasants of mixed English and Welsh white origin who, at no stage, appear to have held the whip hand over anyone but instead were much more likely oppressed and enslaved by more prosperous and powerful other white people tasked with employing them at a pittance, hounding them for exorbitant rent to live in horrid hovels and punishing them with jail spells in grim cells for petty crime, making them bankrupt when whey failed to pay a bill and publicly naming and shaming them in official documents. All, of course, when they weren’t sending them to risk agonising, crippling injury or death in wars to maintain a foul hegemony. This appears to be of no interest to the radical feminist postmodernist scholars other than that it broadly supports their thesis of absolute power corrupting absolutely. In this, as in most things currently, my white heritage feels as if it acts against me and even my very humble, lowly lineage, which would offer compensation and mitigate for not against me, appears to offer no respite for me from this blitz and barrage from county hall and Cardiff Bay do-gooders, charlatans, professionally permanently offended and victimised symbols and noisome numpties congregating on the moral high ground under red, rainbow, and green flags.

This first definition, I would argue strongly, now constitutes the official, unchallenged and accepted meaning in political decision-making circles, leading to an offensive, despicably expensive and eternally expanding new suite of laws, rules and regulations imposed by fiat then energetically though maybe not enthusiastically overseen and executed by a new awesome army of speech and thought monitors and arbiters in local and national government highlighted superbly here in Wales by Swansea University law lecturer and fellow Free Speech Union member Andrew Tettenborn in this article.

But even in a Britain still living in deep fear of political punishment with a suite of tools like the deeply menacing Online Safety Bill, we are still able to at least look at an alternative definition though stating it out loud in public might carry some level of risk of being branded and punished for being the very thing we are merely trying to accurately define.

Instead of using that old cruel, cunning conundrum of starting sentences with “I’m not racist but……..” and going on to exhibit outrageous views, could we not, instead, start by saying “I am racist” rather like one man who told me he was “a liar, a cheat and a thief”, thereby ensuring that I could trust him with my deepest darkest secrets.

What I would give for a politician who said “I am racist, a liar, a cheat and a thief”.

Is there a positive definition hidden somewhere in the stack? No, there is only “positive racism” which is associating a race with a positive quality – like speedy Africans, poetic Welsh, hardworking Germans and canny Scots.

I fear that now it means only whatever “they” say it means and “we” have become helpless and hopeless, pathetic, guilty and shamed like Josef K in The Trial persistently speculating only on the punishment “they” will inevitably mete out at faceless, inhuman tribunals when “we” dare to question, challenge, confront or seek alternatives. Stay “safe” locked indoors socially distanced and out of sight living in evasion and avoidance of “their” judgement became normalised during COVID-19 and is the usual response with considerable political investment in maintaining that sense of isolation in avoidance and evasion of judgement and infection.

Wikipedia tells us that Racism is a relatively modern concept, arising in the European age of imperialism, the subsequent growth of capitalism, and especially the Atlantic slave trade, of which it was a major driving force. It was also a major force behind racial segregation in the USA in the 19th and early 20th centuries, and of apartheid in South Africa; 19th and 20th-century racism in western culture is particularly well documented and constitutes a reference point in studies and discourses about racism. Racism has played a role in genocides such as the Holocaust, the Armenian genocide, the Rwandan genocide, and the Genocide of Serbs in the independent state of Croatia, as well as colonial projects including the European colonisation of the Americas, Africa, Asia and the population transfer in the Soviet Union including deportations of indigenous minorities. Indigenous peoples have been—and are—often subject to racist attitudes.

Robert Bernasconi, in his Oxford Companion to Philosophy 2nd edition, is able to venture that it may be based on a pseudo-scientific premise that race itself creates hierarchies. “Although the roots of theoretical racism can be traced back at least to the fifteenth century, the term did not come to prominence until the 1930s when it was used to describe the pseudo-scientific theory that ‘race’, as a decisive biological determinant, established a hierarchy among different ethnic groups. Racist theories were largely developed after the fact to justify practical racism, which can exist independently of them,” he writes.

New racism or modern racism are interchangeable terms for what appears to be a refusal to accept that racism exists at all as a tactic or strategy by racists. This would appear to be an accusation which might be levelled at me, in short, that I am burying my head in the sand or ignoring reality.

“Rather than hurling racist insults, new racists will deny there are problems of inequality and oppose moves aimed at addressing disadvantage faced by ethnic minorities. Critics argue that there is nothing particularly new about this, but that racists simply change their tactics due to constraints such as legislation, media opinion, and changes in the social and political acceptability of certain attitudes,” is the definition in the Dictionary of Human Resource Management 3rd edition.

Let us consider, if we may, why it is not per se racist to abuse an opponent in sporting endeavour if we are on one side and they are on the other.

Cheering on the Welsh against the English in any sporting endeavour – as I am naturally predisposed to do because, by and large, I find inferiority a little bit sexier than superiority – is not racist at all because I identify with one race more than I do with the other so naturally favour one over the other when they are in direct competition. That may constitute “nationalism” or “patriotism” rather than “racism ” and “nationalism” and “patriotism” are entirely different things.

What, though, if my favouring one side over the other led me to heighten and increase my overall contribution, affording me new levels of functionality and effectiveness in a wide assortment of fields (though I note that the use of the word “field” has itself been labelled racially triggering by some academics for its link to the cotton fields so is now to be avoided) and bringing about in me considerable improvements in my life and for anyone who encounters me? Would that be positive?

That, after all, is exactly why people group together identifying as similar in teams or races – to merge, motivate, exceed, and excel, often, though not always, at the expense of another team or race dissimilar to us but similar to each other pitted, often, against us.

I am beginning to realise that words like “nationalism” and “patriotism” are older, more firmly founded than “racism” and that the third word is the natural consequence of the first two becoming accepted in the dictionary as positive, so becoming naturally accepted as emboldening and enhancing human traits which actually led to the emergence and expansion of patriotism and nationalism at the expense of others and, of course, to a whip hand being wielded by master over servant or slave.

Overwhelmingly, the emphasis now is being placed again and again dramatically and vindictively for maximum effect on the whip, the slave and on the act of whipping itself because of its association with animals being at the mercy of humans and this mighty metaphor still, wrongly, dominates and destroys. The punisher is being stereotyped mercilessly, crudely and unfairly and the punished used and abused as pawns in a game to make political points, virtue signal and (dare I say it) empire build.

“Race and science have a remarkably long and convoluted historical relationship punctuated by recurring heated debates provoked by pseudoscientific explanations of racial differences. In the United States scientific racism has involved both the misidentification of biological and genetic evidence of racial and cultural differences and political projects to impose discriminatory and oppressive policies based on the fundamental normative prohibition of interracial mixing or “miscegenation.” “, is the conclusion according to the Oxford Encyclopedia of Latinos and Latinas in the United States, strongly reinforcing the idea that it is based on faulty pseudoscientific dogma.


January 15, 2023

RACEHORSE trainers in Newmarket are certain about what “race” means because their entire existence is dedicated fanatically to winning the next one at Sandown, Perth or Goodwood.

Instinctively and innately, they know that it is a fight between competing animals to get from point A to point B in the shortest possible time, with or without obstacles in their way and, of course, while carrying on their backs a human being able to guide, cajole, steer and punish. Nothing more, and nothing less.

These superior speedy specimens (entirely physical attributes with speed, courage, stamina, responsiveness, grit and determination uppermost in the minds of all trainers) are reared usually at stud by mating mares and stallions with impeccable bloodlines deliberately in the hope that their offspring will exceed the achievements of their sires and dams (hence the expensive fees to the owners of these superior animals to procreate to order in somewhat sordid circumstances).

The colour of these animals is of no consequence whatsoever to anyone as, generally, a white horse is as warmly welcomed in the winner’s enclosure as one which is jet black by the owner, trainer, jockey and anyone who put their pocket money on it at 10-1 with Honest Bob the bookie.

The race itself offers specifically dedicated equality of opportunity to all animals who enter with a handicapping system in place to help less naturally advantaged specimens with less impressive track records by giving them less weight to carry so that the journey from A to B is less arduous for them.

This, of course, is a reductive entirely physical test of speed and strength. The word “race”, however, is multi-faceted and has multiple meanings.

My definitions are meant to explain to people who do not understand how critical race theory and social justice theory activists in the radical feminist political power base on university campuses in west coast USA first appropriated words as part of a co-ordinated and carefully choreographed masterplan or strategy to change minds and messages to suit their grievance-based hierarchical orthodoxy then normalised their definitions and went on to punish and persecute those who challenged or rejected them.

Crucial is who actually writes the dictionary.

Overwhelmingly white racehorse trainers might offer definitions which overwhelmingly black radical feminists are likely to find offensive, particularly around colour and ethnicity, because one set of people is dedicated to winning at almost any cost while the other is dedicated to measuring the consequences of this mentality to society and to rejecting and challenging it aggressively.

Colour and heritage have been weaponised in a new way so that race is now considered to be inherently about skin colour almost entirely, leading to false conclusions arrived at in a frenzied atmosphere of political activism such as the new certainty that only black people can be abused only on grounds of race and that it is only white people who can do it, always against them and never with or for them, perhaps as a joke, a defense mechanism or simply to point something out to them most effectively.

Old tropes of English people making fun of the Irish now seem far less prominent and less recorded officially or complained about simply because it would be white-on-white race baiting. A white English person abusing a mixed race Irish one (aren’t we all mixed race really?) would, however, be a very different proposition.

Social Justice Theory and Critical Race Theory activists motivated by ancient grievances of oppression and enslavement of one group by the other act effectively as separators and dividers by not letting go of this rancid resentment yet present as unifiers and communitarians acting in the best interests of all.

The potent fuel which ignites and drives their worldwide “Our way or the highway” campaign to make us “own” our heritage and lineage then make allowances, reparations and apologies for it if necessary while totally re-engineering the language we use, our social engagements, appearance, mode of communication and style of address to reflect and represent our “guilt and shame” – as if we were all guards at Auschwitz who pushed people into the showers in a past life – is the intensely combustible non retardant incendiary perceived slights, insults and abuses which automatically, now, can only be directed one way by a superior race against and at an inferior one and never the other way, leaving one trapped in victimhood and permanent hurt and injury while the other languishes in the position of a fully-loaded gun aimed dangerously and irresponsibly with no consequences for the damage.

These instances and episodes constitute RACISM, according to the dogmatic, uncompromising and entirely dictatorial gold-leafed doctrine of the high priestesses of social justice now helping to shape public policy and political debate and discussion in their own fanatical image. That word will be the subject of a future WORD OF THE WEEK.


January 6, 2023

“POOR DRIVING CONDITIONS”, said the sign at the side of the M4 only in Wales, please remember, evidenced by the Welsh version “AMODAU GYRRU GWAEL” being interspersed repeatedly at the roadside with a red triangle and a yellow exclamation mark.

The driving conditions coming back from Bristol over the Severn Bridge on Friday were NOT poor but, presumably, these public health and safety communications chiefs who seem to think that some people need to be told that it is raining to turn their windscreen wipers on and that some of those will not understand it if it is not written in Welsh (the bilingual infantilisation of everyone now dominating everything in Wales with the assumption that we have to have everything spelled out slowly) would not be able to justify the wanton waste of cash by flashing “NORMAL DRIVING CONDITIONS” on roadsides.

No such repeated exclamations – a wanton waste of electricity and the cost of the signs themselves – are considered necessary on the English side of the bridge, nor do they need to be repeated again and again in a language practically nobody uses as a first language. So why here?

A much more appropriate sign would be “ECONOMICALLY POOR CONDITIONS MADE MUCH WORSE BY WASTEFUL REPETITION OF POINTLESS, INACCURATE INFORMATION IN TWO LANGUAGES” flashed inside a red triangle with a yellow exclamation mark.

Now repetitive bilingual advertising online and on radio promoting Welsh government (the government, by the way, not the firms they try to help) as business friendly with a discrete Welsh business department apparently trying to encourage trade, innovation and entrepreneurship here is the off-road equivalent of this wanton wastefulness. Governments, not trade or business, paying for advertising is bad news and usually a sign of desperation. What you want is a booming private sector jostling to advertise new business on exciting new commercial ventures popping up everywhere but everything is contracting not expanding and there appears little evidence of revival or boom.

I am assuming that someone somewhere within Welsh government has decided to make the Welsh language integral in business strategy perhaps as THE unique selling point to personify and give special appeal to differentiate and enhance their communication (a novelty value, if you like) above that of others. Perhaps they have also concluded that this emphasis on Welsh language will also encourage more and more people to use it and adopt and embrace traditional Welsh culture and literature, though Census information suggests that this is not working.

A Welsh Labour ruling group in bed with nationalist Plaid committed to a “deliberately ambitious” aim of having one million Welsh speakers by 2050 appears to be invested in emphasising our difference to rather than similarity with England – hence the force-feeding of Cymraeg and increasing talk of “borders” when none exist because we carry British passports, use sterling currency within a Bank of England and Corporation of London finance system and nearly all tax, welfare and benefits will always be British.

Vaughan Gething went to Qatar to talk business deals as Welsh economy minister – that seems to indicate that there is now a discretely different economy in Wales to that in other UK countries but without passports, banking and nearly all tax, welfare and benefits system and, it appears, any kind of accountability, true responsibility or even the democratic certainty that Mr Gething might lose his job if he fails.

A discretely different economy in Wales is unsustainable due to the older age of the population when compared to other parts of the UK, with too many English retirees in beauty spots clogging up hospital beds, and too high a percentage of needy dependents on costly public sector care and treatment draining resources with much too few young venture capitalists in the private sector emerging to generate new profit needed to even begin to fund the difference.

We remain heavily dependent on English funds, taking more from them than we give back – more so now than ever because of a race to the bottom with a new race being set up when we get to that bottom due to our combination of statist protectionism, outdated trades union approaches and monopolies and a dependency culture in depressed areas which has worsened badly due to the health pandemic and the resulting closures, lockdowns and restrictions.

Yet this Welsh Labour government paid #13,000 of our money to send Gething, first minister Mark Drakeford and four civil servants to Qatar to make Wales more prominent in the minds of worldwide investors.

The only justification for their World Cup freebie was to generate new business, so have they? If the BBC had to enter a Freedom of Information request to get the cost of flights and hotel stays then my suspicion is that they have not.

The Welsh World Cup football team will be remembered for one kung-fu kick far more than for any creative play as it was an embarrassing horror show of ineptitude on the pitch.

But Drakeford and Gething can now sheikh it all up, justifying their trip and easing our pain by presenting us with new foreign money, deals and beneficial exchanges to fund all kinds of exciting things (maybe even pay for that ridiculous M4 signage with something like “VISIT QATAR!” in small print).

We wait with bated breath.



December 31, 2022


KIM Scott’s book Just Work, How to confront bias, prejudice and bullying to build a culture of inclusivity (Panmacmillan 2021 £10.99) starts by outlining instances of sexual grooming of her by older, more powerful males which she, too, did not report but for her were part of a macho management culture which she, too, felt abused and marginalised by. (I didn’t think it was sexual grooming per se, but in these issues, her perception is accepted as fact because she’s “only a little woman”).

I felt a little abused and marginalised by her tone and way too stridently righteous sisterhood-led march. I concluded that the workplace today is radically different to malignantly macho newspaper newsrooms in the 1980s, when everyone called a spade a spade rather than a gardening implement and “girls” had only relatively recently appeared to claim parity of any kind but were generally perceived far more as decorative diversions than deadly rivals, bringing out an old-fashioned sense of admiration extending to (dare I say it) protection in male colleagues (why did so many marry?). Broadly, I think that Kim’s West Coast of America vision of an inclusive workforce is my idea of hell because it tries to pull the wool over your eyes that there is no hierarchy in this inclusive modernist wet dream.

Kim, wielding language, references and book after book written by radical feminist warriors, the sainted Audre Lorde at the head stirring audacious toxic spells of their own at academic, intellectually stimulating frontier disruptive technology glass-fronted settings mainly in California where liberal loonies pontificate and proliferate perched in the lotus position on their chic saffron meditation Zabutons (trendy Japanese cushions, seeks to – really – replace one toxic hierarchy with another.

A toxic radical feminist hierarchy which encouraged scandals of justice like the Carl Sergeant suicide and the Alex Salmond sex case trial to promote and progress the perverted politically motivated anti-men crusade – based on an absolute lie – that predatory behaviour if it is by males towards females or even, crucially, behaviour which newly throned or, possibly, even hand-picked “victims” consider to be predatory, is the business of our criminal courts first with the weighty expectation and clear threat that the “victim” should be believed at the outset and throughout the criminal process with their identity and reputation protected while the alleged predator is ruined for life whatever the outcome.

Elephant traps which men tend to fall into get erected around the photocopier because the drive for revenge and reparation amongst people like Kim for past sins take precedence over everything, warping and poisoning like a serial killer. Everyone suffers equally treading gently one foot extra slowly and carefully placed in front of the other in slow motion fearing a bomb might go off at any moment if, for instance, Mr Thomas holds the door for Miss Tibbs, Mr T calls Miss T “attractive”, Mr T suggests going for a coffee with Miss T or he buys her a cup, Mr T tells Miss T that the colour brown suits her. It all ends badly, of course, with Mr T losing his job at a tribunal and Miss T becoming a Ms and joining a Stonewall sub-committee and both stay trapped in angry celibacy for life safely distanced from each other.

And, of course, this totally unrealistic and dangerously judgemental demand for a kind of Godlike probity and perfection among our leaders by this invading army meant that yet another leadership election in the Conservative Party relied on candidates (I favoured the refreshingly anti-Woke Kemi Badenoch) appearing to be morally righteous in ludicrous face-offs.

I wrote: “The mad rush to seem sanctimonious and raise yourself above everyone to high altar (which, taken to it’s natural conclusion, will bring us unfrocked nun Yvette Cooper dispensing radical feminist, trans, eco BLM neo-Marxist Bibles in coruscating closed convents, permanently affronted and slighted forever on the arid and righteous high ground with a rictus disgusted stare to make you worry that you just let rip a particularly obnoxious smelling and toxic fart directly in her direction until you realise that she looks like that all the time) during the COVID-19 pandemic has now ushered in a political hair-shirt and mask wearing high church priesthood of personal saviours with impeccable ethics and spotless personal behaviour oddly in arenas not noted for such things but which more often harbours oddballs, con artists and perverts a bit like Chris Pincher by name Pincher by nature.”

Another very disturbing new development was the appearance of politicians in the media not being interviewed by journalists or being asked to justify their actions but being allowed to front programmes as if they were bona fide journalists (the odious David Lammy on LBC, Matt Hancock had his own show and Ed Balls sidled up to sexy Susanah on morning TV).


SPLOTT market and boot sale shut for good, depriving hundreds of adorable deplorables their only healthy social outlet in the open air where they could exchange real cash with real people, stock up on hooky and waccy baccy, prescription medication prescribed to the recently departed from house clearances, cheap batteries and out of date cakes and biscuits.

The land had been earmarked for a school and I went to the final session when, co-incidentally, a Pride march wound its way through the centre of Cardiff to celebrate diversity, which used to be called decadent degradation.

What I noticed was a sharp fall in actual pride in the area of Splott itself, evidenced in closed, decaying and derelict business premises and mounting rubbish piles outside houses with eyesore sights galore just a stone’s throw from the Cardiff Bay headquarters of Welsh government, with its modern glass-fronted facade.

Splott people, too, were downbeat and depressed after a combination of overzealous top-down totalitarianism to clamp down on free movement and upward mobility alongside a rapid rise in juvenile drug dependency and dealing to deal with a hopeless, helpless sense of future aspiration left them fearing late night disturbances and low level crime and disorder.

I couldn’t help noticing that the loss of so many family pubs and churches in the area – where I arrived from Bangor as a student in 1981 – left a hole nothing else had filled and so many community activity which centred around pubs and clubs seemed to have been lost forever, leaving a void in cohesion and true caring.


Her Majesty The Queen died aged 96 at her Scottish palace Balmoral, ending her 70 year reign, the longest in history.

I wrote: “The thought of a lean, green, mean too frequently opinionated King Charles the Third on our pound notes and stamps addressing us at moments of crisis and on Christmas Day, however, prompts a chilled reaction and the thought of Camilla as our Queen prompts a rather different though also quite visceral one in me.

A slimmed-down monarchy having finally fully jettisoned wantonly wasteful warriors Andrew and Harry with less pomp and circumstance and fewer palaces and flunkeys in this post-truth anti-deferential age filled to breaking point with angry symbols of arrogant individualism warmly welcomed by political extremists and opportunists will struggle to maintain its dignity and crucial independence and, I suspect, will be fighting most to establish relevance to the fast-growing furious.

I said that in Wales, particularly, our future is too locked in to our past for real, meaningful change so it felt as if a media dominated by the wantonly reverential and supine BBC, with Brian Hoey pointing out dignitaries and hangers-on sucking at the teat at Llandaff Cathedral like pimped up pomp and circumstance junkies for one of too many royal remembrance services in tribute to the Queen as if we were all dependent on this gross, obscene patronage.


2022 was the year I learnt the truth about Cardiff University because I met someone who had been the subject of a disciplinary inquiry at the institution because he dared to speak his mind, outraging radical BLM Feminazis who complained safe in the knowledge they would never have to give their names nor the nature of their complaint (surprise, surprise).

My source, however, had to undergo an inquisition into his “thinking” and agree to cease and desist, like so many academics in the UK who refuse to chant these Social Justice Theory manic mantras.

The university’s newspaper Gair Rhydd is produced by students, not staff with strong guidance from the dreaded National Union of Students, which gave us the robotic Wes Streeting. I wrote: “If Gair Rhydd – which celebrates 50 years not out this year – is anything to go by, Woodward and Bernstein’s great-great grandchildren are likely to be mostly female, timid and terrified virtue signaling snowflakes who would never uncover corruption and crookedness in high places like Watergate because they would be too busy taking offence at the concept of an anonymous source called Deep Throat (using those two words itself a filthy offence worthy of an NUS diversity, equality and multi-culturalism sub-committee’s emergency attention) along with other slight slurs and minor, nonsensical issues around gender, race, equality and diversity.”

I declined an invitation to a book launch by the Wales Governance Centre at the university because it is not a place for open, fearless and uncensored debate about anything but probably least of all about further powers over justice devolved from Westminster to Wales called for by devolution backers and nationalists hellbent on independence with no figures to prove it could work.

Easily the most frightening exponents of that dunderheaded and nonsensical drive for independence in a mandated Welsh-speaking Wales able to control its own borders, imprison its own citizens with its own distinct justice, policing, education, taxing and trading systems, was Gwynedd County Council and its Plaid Cymru councillors running roughshod in Bangor, Caernarfon and Porthmadog to demand the abolition of monarchy, free movement, second home ownership and any kind of prosperity, to, in effect, impoverish on political principle.

I wondered what the difference was between William, newly made Prince of Wales, and Liz Saville-Roberts, the London-born Plaid MP who moved to Wales and Owen Hurcum, the former Bangor mayor, a south east of England native who was educated at Bangor University and joined Plaid and concluded, broadly, that there was no difference.


I noted a growth, too, in what I would call lawlessness in our city centres with weapon carrying youths able to wander at will on bikes and scooters having no apparent regard for others and I was told very firmly by a security guard that a political agenda promoted by commissioner Jeff Cuthbert was actively protecting the crooks and making our shopping centres no-go zones. Should we, I asked, start to police ourselves?

Wales qualified for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar (yes, Qatar) and this prompted an outbreak of Welsh jingoism with fierce fighter for Cymraeg Dafydd Iwan, who once went to jail for protests, stirring old rancid rivalries, resentments and reactionary rows with England for no good reason with his Yma O Hyd anthemic call to arms, happily embraced by Red and Rainbow Walls.

My fear was that vapid and entirely ethics-free agent-led multi millionaires like Ronaldo and Gareth Bale would start to weave their own agendas politically and be regarded as somehow representative of their own countries and their people, reporting back on human rights abuses as if they were Ghandi. Attaching himself cynically to that, Welsh Labour first minister Mark Drakeford ignored Labour’s ban on visiting Qatar to announce that he would be attending at our expense, naturally. I howled and raged inwardly at the despicable double-standards of a supposedly socialist political leader – not to mention so many impoverished members of the Red and Rainbow Walls, including “independent” Professor Laura McAllister – shelling out £8 for a pint in Doha and lapping it up in luxurious hotels built by slave labour while BBC Wales still repeated the blatant lie of a “cost of living crisis” at home with residents reliant on food banks and languishing on buses trying to keep warm.


Matt Hancock turned up like a bad penny on TV competing to win more of our money on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

This man then goes on to publish a book for cash claiming that health and science chiefs gave government an alarmingly apocalyptic forecast of mass deaths which appears, to me, to be wildly inaccurate, entitling and justifying a draconian totally disproportionate universally enforced reaction with absolutely no cost/benefit assessment either individually or collectively and no consideration either for the individual or for the effect on the individual. The consequent political inquiry (not needed in Wales, apparently) then concentrates almost solely on whether we should have acted in this universally draconian manner sooner to save more lives (which Handsy Hancock promotes largely to save his own skin and to align himself broadly with leftist sympathisers in the liberal centres of power) rather than whether we should have carried out cost/benefit analysis, meaningful qualitative personal examinations to establish accurate data for responses to prevent the needless psychological suffering of everyone, including relatively physically fit people like me, under a punishing regime rather than the more rational shepherding of a small group at real risk.

Hancock’s diaries were an insight not into the true health and science brouhaha which rocked the establishment but instead into the vapid and totally selfish world of politics, with Hancock emerging now as a figure of fun and politics itself as a well rewarded funfair with scary rides and exciting death-defying tumbles from great height to low and arid dumps.

Then Lady Susan Hussey, one of The Queen’s closest advisors, interrogated a black woman about her ethnic heritage, effectively personifying perfectly the blazing row about colonialism. It left a BLM minority suddenly able to demand that royals bow down to them rather than the other way around.

That is where we stand as we move into 2023, a new monarchy has been crowned and enjoys its coronation march embracing supporters and onlookers totally unable to see that this emperor wears no clothes while an old one descends rapidly into disgrace, disorder and expensive irrelevance ahead of a King’s Coronation likely to yet again raise more disputes than heal.

And this is most accurately symbolized, of course, by Harry and Meghan, a mixed race, mixed class, fiendishly mixed UK and USA cocktail, truly a match made in Hell – or, more accurately, Hello magazine – which can only thrive inside this new monarchy of leftist virtue signallers and protectors from “harm” and “hate” but only die cruelly and viciously in the old monarchy of rule and divide.



December 30, 2022


I NOTICED that Wales Online employed a “Welsh identity reporter” and pointed out that the Daily Mail employing an “English identity reporter” would be considered scandalously racist, prompting complaints galore and outrage at Westminster. What is going wrong with Wales that it now has to continuously make mischief around race and language to corral together using blatantly racist tactics? A journalist reports on everything and anything and does not specialise. There is no justification whatsoever for anyone to be employed as a racial identity reporter. This political silo sinking of individuals giving them essentially an outlet for their own personal political interests and passions (the BBC constantly employing black reporters to tick quotas and merge into BAME communities to deal with their issues, mainly police brutality, in isolation) is a deliberate politicisation of media we need to be free of.

A “Black Alert” was called at Gwent’s new £350M Grange University Hospital, on the outskirts of Newport, with people asked not to go there to relieve pressure on staff who were unable to deal with huge queues of people with some left in ambulances parked outside for hours.

My own struggle was around health and safety totalitarianism legitimised locally under the concept of a newly democratized Wales, which supposedly used to have to follow orders before devolution in 1997 (we were just following orders over the last three years in Wales, ironically, far more than every before).

“I didn’t greatly fear contracting the virus because physically I am luckily resilient. My mental health, however, is fragile, particularly in relation to engaging with others in close social proximity and I feared that total isolation would induce a kind of psychologically damaging “cabin fever” which might separate me from reality, rapport and relationship with other humans, creating devastating consequences for the remainder of my life. This has proven true with a “fear thy neighbour” suspicion and distrust corroding and corrupting life in most communities and I struggle to find any meaningful appropriate help to manage this transformation psychologically with listening, empathy and understanding which is likely to cost me money I cannot afford,” I wrote.

“1, A relationship I might have with an individual GP who might know me best and might be able to qualitatively and accurately assess my physical and mental health had been completely over-ridden and suddenly I was in the hands not of a health professional but of a government I had not voted for. Herein lies the essential ingredient to explain just why the Welsh NHS is in a sorry state – the removal of a relationship with your GP replaced with no viable alternative. (This was the most pertinent issue for me because I ended up switching surgeries not once but twice).

“2, Informed consent guiding my choices in terms of my personal health care was being overtly and very actively compromised because I knew that in order to enjoy any kind of freedom and liberty in future, I HAD to take the vaccine because failure to do so would have rendered me both actively anti-social and effectively imprisoned for life denied transit at borders (I needed to show proof of vaccines at Cardiff Airport).” (The possibility of a NO MASK or NO TEST NO ENTRY world is still a real threat, especially with the developments in China).

And this absolute myth of a newly democratised, more lively and satisfying democracy in Wales after devolution continued to be being blazed by the Welsh media (such as it is) ahead of the local council elections on May 5, 2022.

I pointed out that “I – like many others – deliberately DO NOT vote in the Newport City Council elections because I live in a rotten borough where a permanent, unchallenged and unquestioned single dominant party processes back into power without bothering any more to even appear to engage with the electorate nor, crucially, to represent them.

“There is no doubt in my mind that the Tony Bliar con trick 1997 devolution referendum was unfairly rigged with some underhand and highly questionable tactics so I have no reason to invest psychologically in even the mere concept of ethical and entirely fair and accurate democracy backed by a voting system which reflects that and offers a potential solution to everyone.

“No, I am trapped in a country where the overton window has moved so far to the left that my only choice appears to be between one of two radical feminist, progressive, trans, eco, BLM neo-Marxists with no hope of escape because a hugely supportive electoral reform movement at Cardiff Bay seeks to keep lowering the voting age until eventually infant school pupils will scrawl Xs on ballot papers (or, more likely, their teachers will do it for them) even when they have not yet learnt to write and illegal immigrants fresh off their rubber dinghies will be frogmarched to polling stations.”

And a story about a Westminster MP watching porn on his mobile phone claiming he was looking at tractors (seized on by the Welsh Feminazis armed to the teeth with VAWG, Violence Against Women and Girls, dogma at Cardiff Bay, where, of course Plaid’s Simon Thomas was convicted for viewing child porn but this was never mentioned) seemed to spark a strange kind of faux, confected outrage among the entitled sisters. I wrote: “They decided that porn is purely a gender issue and an assault on sisterhood, totally neglecting the inconvenient truth that some of their sexy sisters are doing more than just keeping afloat in these desperately hard times but actually living a life of luxury thanks to wealthy followers constantly adding to their bank balances with generous donations (that, above all, is what incenses the sisterhood……that poor women have always turned to stripping and whipping because it is so effortlessly easy and so endlessly profitable – especially now we have an always-on 24/7 internet).”


“TURNOUT at Thursday May 6 Newport City Council elections is reported by the institution itself and, I believe, may be being inaccurately and unreliably managed to present an over optimistic portrait of engagement in local democracy” I wrote after some woeful results for Labour saw three independents take Labour-held seats in Lliswerry.

Turnout in the Alway ward was as low as 26 per cent, and that is if you consider the number of people eligible to vote as being accurate, and long-standing veterans were scraping through because so few bothered to turn out, prompting me to ask: “How can councillors who attract such low votes – 503 for Councillor Paul Cockeram – for instance, possibly process into highly paid leadership and cabinet posts and make vital decisions on behalf of the people if they have such low confidence in them?”

A red/rainbow/green alliance was now running the show, entirely unopposed so able to restructure the message and completely redesign education, social services and our general direction of travel according to postmodernist, radical feminist trans, race and identity zealotry in our universities.

Labour men in councils and at Cardiff Bay who had for years fought against an outward imposed dogma and didactic doctrine set largely by England-based power brokers in league with Westminster to mould and shape local government in their own image suddenly found themselves hopelessly mouthing the platitudes of this new inward dogma and didactic doctrine of nationalism, language zealotry, gender, race and identity Social Justice madness.

And, of course, it was at our schools, where young minds are shaped and moulded most, that this dogma and didactic doctrine appeared to be most obvious and most protected. “Peer into the grounds of one of these schools at playtime and you now see a vast army of yellow high-viz – but not, significantly, masked – relatively young formidable “teaching assistants” supervising activities rather too stridently working to a template set by Welsh government which will almost certainly produce a radically different future generation,” I wrote. Were they, I wondered, protecting the kids from their parents and who would protect the parents from them?


A VERY menacing and troubling consequence of modern life with its ramped up threat of terrorism and contagion was subtle yet rapid and radical changes to the way we were policed from pedestrian bobbies on the beat to paramilitary, armed with Tazers or guns inside rapid deployment vehicles looking for all the world like tanks.

So, if an increasingly politicised and paramilitarised increasingly armed police answerable more to political commissioners with an organisational agenda to control disproportionately magnified heightened fears of terrorism and civil disorder and actively punishing us for associating freely and travelling during a pandemic far more than they are answerable to us mere mortals, who might more reasonably fear silly little things like being mugged at knifepoint or having our house burgled while we sleep peacefully at dead of night, is not engaging with us and not really helping us, do we really need them any more?” I asked.

We definitely don’t need them and we don’t need the carceral state they legitimise and feed – one which expands the fast-growing state-sanctioned and subsidised surveillance, penalise and punish sector with inevitable bigger and bigger prison populations worsened considerably by education classes in crime and terrorism in captive feral networks, goes the central message in Abolition. Feminism. Now. (their full stops, not mine) written by Angela Y. Davis, Gina Dent, Erica R. Meiners and Beth E. Richie (Hamish Hamilton, 2022).

This book opened my eyes to the real Black Lives Matter motives of black radical feminists hellbent on replacing prisons with psychiatric hospitals for everyone, justice from a white empirical colonialist perspective with what they call “community engaged restorative” justice with the most historically offended made the most favoured, drug use decriminalised along with many social trespasses like theft if it is from entitled and enriched classes seen as part of a reparation and rational reconciliation attempt by an essentially guilty group to make amends for past sins.

I wrote: “There is a cruelly contorted artificial feel to the weaponised language in this book (reading it feels like being slapped mildly about the face by a group of women) and, crucially, the way it is brandished unilaterally like a hammer over your head without regard to or for others (frequently offending against grammatical rules designed for perfectly valid reasons) which hints at a paramilitaristic, menacingly, maniacally militant radical feminist, racial justice freedom force which could, in time, prove to be even worse than our police.”

Trigger word safety blocks on our public computers in libraries are an obsession of mine because of the way they normalise helplessness and hopelessness in people. I started to notice that the safety monitors at county hall who impose these “child safety locks” were getting less motivated by pornography and much more by alleged “hate” and “harm”, leading me to wonder why I could not access a film review of BlacKKKlansman only to discover that someone at Cardiff City Council genuinely feared I might don cape and start burning crosses at dead of night with other enthusiasts if I were not protected from such things.

“This is rather like a police which routinely blocks you from doing things in the hope that being blocked will become routine and normalised so accepted by you as you become meeker and meeker (wasn’t that what happened during lockdown?). They ban you first then review it later if anyone objects, not the more natural and rational truly libertarian and mature alternative approach which, historically, liberal and evolved mature societies like ours confident in their trust in each other and in our responsible and mature autonomy and agency routinely and normally only ever blocked things only if people complained about them or made a case to block.” I pointed out.



December 25, 2022

“LEG OR BREAST, ANDREW?” shouted Charles as he wielded the carving knife over the enormous roasted Duchy of Cornwall organic, free range bird, his mouth watering as he prepared to plunge in to slice, dice and savagely cut.

“What?” said Andrew, permanently puzzled and wan with a disturbing whiteness in his jowls and a faraway look in his eyes seemingly made more frantic by the slightly demonic look in Charles’s right eye as he lowered the blade.


“No, I don’t recall seeing her at all and anyway I was in Pizza Hut so I couldn’t have,” he replied.

“He likes a bit of both, don’t you Porkie” said Fergie, adding large dollops of bread and cranberry sauce to her own plate.

“Yes, I’d heard that,” said the Queen Consort, putting down her fifth Marlboro light.

“Oh,” he laughed drily in relief. “Yes, I’ll have a bit of both, thank you.”

“Whose got the gravy boat?” enquired Edward, sheltering at the bottom end of the rectangular table.

“We’re all on the gravy boat here, eh Simkins,” volunteered Mike Tindall, impishly aping the late Duke of Edinburgh with his ready wit and nautical industrial joshing while winking at the dinner service butler warming his posterior in front of the grand Sandringham fireplace.

“You’re a celebrity, get me out of here,” said wife Zara, taking an opportunity to consolidate her position in the double act and gently rib her other half.

“Is that little Matt Hancock you’ve got in your trousers, Mike, or are you just pleased to see me,” said Camilla, her throaty nicotine-heavy breath wafting over the bird and almost putting out the candles.

“While we’re talking about celebrities,” said William, “I wonder what Harry and Meg are doing now?”

“Probably been stuffing the bird,” said Catherine.

No, I don’t recall seeing her at all and anyway I was in Pizza Hut so I couldn’t have,” Andrew suddenly piped up certain, yet again, that the conversation was about him.

“No, they mean Meghan Markle NOT that bloody Guiffre woman, Porkie” explained Fergie, as she helped herself to another large spoonful of sprouts.

“Oh her,” said Charles “I expect they’ll be having a nice meal on the beach. They’ll be basking and bathing at some point.”

“Yeah, basking in their own jaundiced juices and bathing in their own Netflix bloody bloodbath,” said William icily.

“Now then, now then,” said Camilla, her tongue lolling and properly unleashed like one of her nags in distress on a gallop “this is not the time for family rows. We’ve got a new King now and a new Queen.”

“Queen Consort,” said Princess Anne, “it’s not the same thing, dear,” she added while motioning to Tim to pass the salt.

“It looks like a lovely tender bird. There’s nothing like tucking in to a tender bird is there?” said Charles.

No, I don’t recall seeing her at all and anyway I was in Pizza Hut so I couldn’t have,” Andrew exclaimed.

“No, he was talking about the turkey. Take no notice of him, Charles,” said Fergie, adding another roastie to her plate.

“It was a good idea to invite that Fulani woman and dear old Hussey Wussey to make up and mend at Buckingham Palace, wasn’t it,” said Edward, making room for his and Sophie’s meals by rearranging the cutlery.

“Rather,” said Charles. “Where did that bloody woman come from again?”

“Well, I think her father was just a white American but her mother was of African/American origin and that’s why she wanted that strange black Bible basher at her wedding in Windsor,” said Camilla.

“No, Fulani, not Markle,” said Charles tetchily.

“Oh I think she was originally from Africa,” piped up the Archbishop of Canterbury, sitting at a side table specially laid out for him by the servants at the end of the room.

“Yes, one of those where men bash their bongos left right and centre at all hours of the day and night causing all kinds of trouble and annoyance and consorting with unsuitable types. Probably all high on wacky baccy,” said Camilla, her eyelashes almost catching fire as she peered into the candlelight.

“What, you mean one of those places where you get all sorts men turn up and they get a very young girl to get out her maracas?” said Fergie, gripping the gravy boat.

No, I don’t recall seeing her at all and anyway I was in Pizza Hut so I couldn’t have,” said Andrew.


December 25, 2022

OUT with the old, in with the new… Goodbye to 2022 and hello to 2023… it’s time to address the key issue of how we started the year fretting and sweating with Christmas cancelled, jabbed and masked to keep alive due to a killer pandemic to ending it not really giving a damn about COVID-19 at all with no masks and jabs and Hey Presto! the authoritarian policing completely disappeared almost as quickly as it had menacingly appeared.

I wandered around Tesco yesterday with heaving masses of totally unmasked adorable deplorables helping themselves to last minute turkeys, turkey burgers, turkey sausages and turkey twizzlers at 75 per cent off and one woman even put her hand on me twice (I thought I’d died and gone back to unsafely distanced non-essential contact Hell with bootiful Bernard Matthews at high altar).

Answers come from right or left with Bible believing anti-postmodernist traditionalists like Public Child Protection Wales,, some of whose members leafleted me earlier this month in Newport town centre protesting at Welsh government education enabling even tots to question their own gender and sexuality. They will start their explanation with Bill Gates, George Soros and the New World Order and the firm belief that there was no pandemic at all as it was a cunning stunt to digitally control money supply, fill us full of cloning technology and easier control and coerce us in future when the Devil finally gets his way. They will go on to tell you real risks from adverse side-effects of being vaccinated were far, far higher than of death from COVID-19 (something I now, broadly, favour because the startling neglect from the NHS currently appears to mandate unhealthy scepticism as a survival tactic).

Leftist postmodernist Social Justice black activist decision makers, on the other hand, who invaded and conquered our universities and political debating chambers throughout the world to make everything about gender, race and identity (if anybody is in any doubt that these ideological didacts now hold all the ace cards just read student journalism for a frightening dystopian nightmare vision of the future) will weave an entirely different story to explain this baffling, bizarre statist draconian health and safety totalitarianism, pointing out that lives were saved by “lockdowns” and vaccines and future rules might even need to be more severe, even appearing enthusiastic about state oppression mastered best in China, where the flu virus emanated from and citizens only now have fought back. They will then add that denying our kids jabs and a liberal postmodernist education would be cruel while brandishing rainbow and green flags as passive/aggressive weapons and viciously silencing and supressing dissent.

There seems no alternative to the centre parting to left and right with fewer and fewer safe and sensible routes down the middle to navigate the world using scientific reason, impartial, uncensored and reliable data, authoritative rather than authoritarian guidance and help with easy access to as much fact-based information (yes, even disinformation) as possible and open, accessible contact with those in authority to enjoy mature, reasoned and nuanced communication which might even, horror of horrors, offend and be inaccurate.

A ruling cadre consolidated the obvious gains they made during the early part of the pandemic in 2020 (Welsh Labour using it shamelessly to ban canvassing at doorsteps before they processed back to power AGAIN in the 2021 election by masquerading despicably as life savers), legitimising mandated isolation and “safe distance” from each other, crucially enabling them to dictate unconditionally without having to speak in person to anyone save for BBC Wales and the Western Mail (so hopelessly colluding and collaborative now that they give Welsh Labour’s line without even bothering to ask them), spectacularly symbolised by the masks, the dreaded, dreadful masks, which about one in 100 still wear so that they look like villains and robbers.

This remote control – so remote that nobody was really being controlled at all but too many thought that they were and far too many still naively and stupidly believed that it was a proportionate and sensible response due to confected blind fear of their own demise – enabled the public sector to close down completely and health care to stop caring which, broadly, is the position currently with ambulance and nursing staff (who we were once mandated to applaud outside our houses by our national broadcasters) on strike (God help the sick, elderly and infirm).

It enabled frighteningly fierce security guards at Newport Magistrates Court on January 6, 2022, to at first deny me access to the court for the sentencing of former city councillor and South Wales Argus advertising manager Chris Evans on a charge of procuring a prostitute (or to use official court language: “a street sexually exploited adult”) in the city centre on the grounds that because I was not a card carrying accredited journalist, I was banned like all members of the public on spurious health and safety rules from attending court and any public buildings

I stood my ground outside and eventually someone in the court building carrying more accountability than the invasive wand-waving security guards wielding trays into which I had to put all my belongings decided to allow me in to write my report.

There is no difference in law between a member of the public and an employee of a media company who might have trades union or employer accreditation and this is deliberately so that justice can be seen to be done by the public, though governments are trying to change this, led mainly by Stalinist Scots to target bloggers and citizen journalists like Jacqui Thompson.

The minute we stop being allowed access to public buildings, which we, not they, own, is the moment totalitarianism starts (look at how Scotland dealt with Craig Murray). Significantly, security guards at the Old Bailey hearings into the extradition of Julian Assange to the USA on spying charges were given the same powers to exclude members of the public from witnessing his case on emergency health and safety grounds so everything happened in private. God alone (and Boris Becker) knows what it was really like in prison or in one of those luxury hotels where UK holidaymakers had to pay to quarantine or asylum seekers were locked into luxury suites at our expense.

A court building is a first introduction to prison with rules and regulations about behaviour and conduct monitored actively so it serves both as a warning and an insight and must be open to everybody so they fully appreciate that warning and insight. So, too, with democracy: our town halls, debating chambers and meeting spaces have to remain open to all.

But these extraordinary emergency health and safety powers – which we did not challenge or resist – have heralded a new remote controlled world far more manageable for the ruling cadre. GPs avoid examining you physically, politicians avoid speaking to you personally, media companies and their ragbag representatives avoid asking awkward questions, Shop staff avoid crowded aisles, and everyone else still avoids each other and any kind of work (particularly public sector staff now used to generously supported “sickies” rather than wet and warlike “wellies”) except door-to-door delivery drivers and riders, our most obvious symbol that most are still psychologically sheltering indoors effectively too afraid (probably of the square backpack Deliveroo electric bike riders racing rampantly on and off pavements in the High Street) to go back out to collect chicken tikka massala.

This is what happened in 2022.


I emerged blinking out of mandated isolation and curfews to write:

“This, I fear, is the shape of things to come. A remote, unaccountable and unelected high command commanding infantilised adults.

Empathy and understanding between individuals depends upon trust and a full and secure belief that neither is a danger to the other founded in the certainty that neither has a malign intention nor potential to damage the other. The handshake or hug is a symbol of that as it tells the other person you carry no guns. Medical care and treatment MUST always start from this certainty.

“That has gone and will never return because an unelected, totally unchallenged, unquestioned and unaccountable medical and scientific high command has been elevated by the establishment above everyone so that we are mandated to “follow” them and their diktats whatever happens. Soviet-era Russia has come to the UK.”

The first real taste of that came on January 6 when I insisted on attending the sentencing of a Newport councillor for procuring a prostitute after security guards denied me entry. This councillor had once helped to pay mine and many others’ wages by doing the dirty work of selling advertising space in the South Wales Argus while the dreaded Newsquest group slashed costs and milked a cosy political love-in with a deliriously inept Welsh Labour to win cash help while they cut and wasted. I saw and still see him as a victim who paid a hideously unjust price for his “moment of madness” in a world which now legitimises sex work and a court system which protects street vermin ahead of law-abiding people who might occasionally fall or err. He was made a public spectacle while the working girls and their drug-dealing pimps yet again enjoyed anonymity due to data protection rules and political police agendas on violence against women and girls.

And that set the tone for the year which started with pubs closed, shops policed and exercise rationed because a Welsh ruling one-party state had decided what was best for you without consulting you or even giving you sight of the evidence guiding their decision making. Later, they were to go on to decide that an independent inquiry was not needed here, which was fine with BBC Wales and the Western Mail, who shamefully ramped up Welsh nationalist extremism by targeting English incomers who “crossed the border” to walk in the Brecon Beacons and coastal beauty spots. I felt ashamed to have been born here.

It was broadly at this point that I joined Bannatyne’s gym to be confronted at entry by the manager who demanded that I wear a mask as if I were a leper. I had quit one GP surgery after complaining to Aneurin Bevan University Health Board about a GP who telephoned me almost an hour late because nobody was allowed face-to-face consultations (they remain as rare as hen’s teeth) and the Welsh NHS is ancient and analogue so unable to offer digital links. My new surgery, I noted, was warning that anyone who appeared without a mask for appointments would be offered a consultation in the car park (honestly, I kid you not).

I reported on another Newport City councillor Caerleon Tory Joan Watkins, who returned to duty after a three month ban issued by the Welsh public services ombudsman Nick Bennett – who had helped to set up Bute Communications with Labour MS Alun Davies – after her local surgery complained that she breached codes of conduct rules when she lobbied them on behalf of a constituent. She would later lose her place on the council at an election. Watkins was paid £20K and Evans £23K.


Relations with the staff at my new surgery did not improve after I was forced to apologise to them for “confronting” a nurse, or to use the new language which might not offend, a primary care and triage operative, now given prescribing powers. Consultations had become confrontations and now staff regularly use passive/aggressive tones.

“The blatantly politically co-ordinated and orchestrated howling, torrential, menacingly marauding crusade in Scotland and Wales to blame England and its Tory power base for all deaths due to COVID-19 – even those in their own countries by despicably pointing to English incomers who “crossed the borders” south and west to infect others – continues to rumble on like Storm Eunice (demonic, fearful, supernatural gales blowing satellite dishes, bins, slates and trees down my street named after a benign God-fearing spinster peacefully knitting baby clothes in the Highlands – doesn’t that sum up our current crazy, crazy world) with no sign of an end any time soon,” I wrote.

I saw being in Wales as a massive disadvantage and was grateful that I could get life-saving Megabus or National Express coach journeys to London or Birmingham to at least pretend for a short while that I wasn’t trapped and tormented by Kim Jung Drakeford and his dreadful cronies.


St David’s Day brought new hope and light, as it always does. With Spring in my step, I took aim at Dr Phil Hammond, Private Eye’s MD, who persistently found a way to turn a health crisis into a Tory one and further his British Medical Association mantra about uncaring and inept tight-fisted bungling ministers while more people died needlessly conveniently never mentioning how Dr Harold Shipman and many other God-like psychiatrists and surgeons had done more harm than good.

Freedom of expression online kept cropping up with the Online Safety Bill rearing its ugly head as a draconian statist threat to free speech. My membership and support of Toby Young’s excellent Free Speech Union became much more active and engaged as a consequence and I was able to finally meet up unmasked, uncensored and uninhibited with other enthusiasts in Cardiff, Birmingham and London to howl with rage.

I wrote about the sad demise of regional journalism, where I had worked for more than 15 years, and noted that an old saying we used about supping with a long spoon if you supped with the devil was now crucial.

Regional news editorial staff, denuded drastically in numbers and influence, had come under greater pressure than ever to sidle up to and sweet talk funding politicians, especially in Wales where a new Sunday title, Newsquest’s The National, came and went quickly with its blaze of Welsh nationalist propaganda, pseudo journalism and peurile piss-poor content they tried to entice punters to pay a subscription for. Bloggers like Jac o the North and Jacqui Thompson, with her personal recollections of horrendous political persecution, were far, far more reliable and truly trustworthy sources of real news and, increasingly, our only hope of costly and risky investigative journalism as our trainee digital reporters were reduced again and again to selling property auction stock or clickbaiting. Anonymous sources, too, who used that to whistle blow or spill the beans on officious offenders, particularly in health and care settings, now give us a much more open clean sewer of meaningful sometimes anecdotal evidence and criticism so that, by and large, I am far more likely, now, to glean something authentic and congruent from a comment than from the story itself in regional journalism.

Politicians are clearly very afraid of this new unregulated mass of people so have armed themselves with litigation, the Scottish government appointing Lady Dorrian specifically to clamp down by jailing Craig Murray for daring to attend and report on the Alex Salmond sex charges trial, and the UK government starting to move menacingly against new “hate and harm” crimes by sinisterly exaggerating the threat to children to justify Stalinist over-reactions to naming and shaming warriors who were deliberately being synchronised with paedophiles in the public mind.


December 23, 2022


December 22, 2022

A LONG-DEAD relative of mine used to use this word loosely to describe people she considered different, incomprehensible and unfathomable, as in “queer kid”, not in any way to address their sexuality or gender but just to point out their eccentric, different nature as it appeared to her. “Queer”, like “Gay”, are now best-known as politically appropriated words mainly to unite people of certain sexual proclivities under a common snappy name but originally “Queer” meant odd and “Gay” meant joyful.

A good night’s entertainment for my relative might have been at a Danny La Rue show where the grand dame of drag camped it up by dressing up in women’s clothes and doing song and dance routines while winking mischievously at audience members safely in on the joke so able to have a gay time without being considered queer.

The 1970s was a strange, offensive decade which, in some ways, prepared us for the postmodern revolution my relative and dear old Danny did not live to see and live through (perhaps thankfully).

A revolution which would weaponise the word “queer” in a way she and Danny La Rue himself (a homosexual who spent much of his life in denial and deceit due to it being a criminal act for much of his life so he would have been imprisoned) would never have been able to comprehend.

This introduction will hopefully help you to understand that different words are used differently by different generations and that its meaning to one generation may be totally incomprehensible and/or offensive to another one (language is organic and changes and adapts with time). It is further complicated by the fact that it has a number of different meanings and can be used in a number of different contexts.

In these word definitions, I am, of course, concerned overwhelmingly with the militant motives of postmodernist academics who have invaded and conquered our universities to indoctrinate from a Social Justice perspective to produce permanently offended clones rather than actually teach open, impressionable minds by encouraging free, truly diverse and wide debate. I am grateful to Helen Pluckrose and James Lindsay for educating and enlightening me about this new, sinisterly Stalinist development which threatens to strangle free speech and common sense with an engulfing rapidly growing spread of suffocating, silencing and sentencing roots and branches which now actively make it an offence to speak and write openly, as a contact of mine who still teaches at Cardiff University recently found out when he had the temerity to speak his mind thinking that an educational establishment would be just the place for open, uncensored debate and discussion.

Crucial to that process of offensive thought and word policing currently in vogue is the requirement to repeat rampant remonstrances to anyone who wields words in the way my late relative might have which today, unlike yesterday, carry new menace and offense to the extent that, now, we avoid and censor to evade remonstrance from these angry liberals.

So, additions since the 1970s – when “queer” was either an insult or a description – have introduced a completely new definition of a person whose gender identity is non-binary or differs from the sex they had or were identified as having at birth.

A “queer” as a noun may now be a man or a woman who reject binary (see last week’s word) measurement systems of gender and sexuality, i.e. female and male, homosexual and straight, and see instead multiple dimensions, possibilities and directions for everyone.

“Queer” as a transitive verb means to consider or interpret from a perspective that rejects traditional concepts of gender and sexuality so you can now “queer” something which many people may find neither odd nor joyful (a married man and woman) apart from you.

These completely new definitions are the result of what is termed Queer Theory and Queer Studies – the roots of which are in French Foucaldian and Derridean postmodernist philosophy adapted and adopted aggressively to control and coerce by west coast American university campus black activist radical feminist, race, sex and gender grievance-based liberals, who currently hold the conch.

Dictionary definitions, of course, are themselves tools of oppression and colonisation to them, so much of the work they have decided to do has been in challenging and changing the dictionary. Not only that, of course, but punishing and persecuting people who refuse to accept their modified modern versions.

I’m going to end this post now because I’m starting to feel a little queer.