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December 16, 2017

I AM ALWAYS amused by the self-righteous sneering and indignant lofty left posturing of politicians at the Welsh Assembly Government whenever a UKIP politician is around…..

The usual diversity, inclusivity and multiculturalism liberal feminist passive aggressive warriors (we all know who they are) look around them as if someone has just emitted a particularly rank and obnoxious odour into the air from their posterior whenever one of Wales’s only right of centre party members appears in a room to wax lyrical. Always somebody else’s posterior, of course, and always the foulest, rankest smell – the smell of authenticity and outrage from poor lower class people who regard some of Labour and Plaid Cymru’s deodorised demi-goddesses and gods as despicable.

UKIP’s “Welsh Donald Trump” (strangely, there is no left-of centre figure of ridicule invented by the Welsh mainstream press to compare with him – Vaughan Gething as the “Welsh Barmy Bernie Grant” or Julie Morgan as the “Welsh Hattie Harperson” for instance) Gareth John Bennett, a forceful and opinionated young man who seems to specialise in saying the currently unsayable, who was elected to the Sennedd by people in the cardiff area in 2016, seems, thankfully, to be not too easily intimidated by this gaggle of imperious and sanctimonious permanently outraged and superior stiff blouses and shirts. Good on him.

He has been banned from speaking for 12 months for daring to take a frighteningly and de-stabilisingly different view from the current consensus on that horny humdinger of a conundrum of equal rights for the apparently growing transgender community (an issue always ensured to bring out the dormant and benign inner-Peter Hitchens in even the most polite and docile limp lefty) and I read three letters in today’s Western Mail defending him on the grounds of free speech and taking to task Assembly presiding officer Plaid’s Elin Jones for acting unreasonably in gagging him for 12 months.

It appears that Bennett, a former member of the Workers’ Revolutionary Party (you couldn’t make it up!) who abandoned the left over mass immigration, had been chosen to serve on the Assembly’s equalities, communities and local government committee so they obviously must have felt that he had some kind of contribution to make.

But when he made it – predictably warning of “total implosion” if we go on appeasing what he fruitfully called the “nuttiest elements” of the transgender community, there have been reports in more right-wing newspapers about the dangers of male sex offenders who transition and identify as females being allowed to serve their sentence in female prisons and preying on women there – he was rounded on, attacked and banned from speaking.

The usual gaggle of the faux outraged and permanently indignant muttered and railed against him for his “shockingly” off-colour remarks.

Bennett, however, according to his Wikipedia entry appears to be well equipped to fight his own battles – he represented his county in swimming and athletics and has served time as a painter and decorator, pub barman and general building labourer.

My guess is that he didn’t meet many transsexuals in any of those professions but in that, as in many other things, I could be wrong.



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