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December 30, 2022


I NOTICED that Wales Online employed a “Welsh identity reporter” and pointed out that the Daily Mail employing an “English identity reporter” would be considered scandalously racist, prompting complaints galore and outrage at Westminster. What is going wrong with Wales that it now has to continuously make mischief around race and language to corral together using blatantly racist tactics? A journalist reports on everything and anything and does not specialise. There is no justification whatsoever for anyone to be employed as a racial identity reporter. This political silo sinking of individuals giving them essentially an outlet for their own personal political interests and passions (the BBC constantly employing black reporters to tick quotas and merge into BAME communities to deal with their issues, mainly police brutality, in isolation) is a deliberate politicisation of media we need to be free of.

A “Black Alert” was called at Gwent’s new £350M Grange University Hospital, on the outskirts of Newport, with people asked not to go there to relieve pressure on staff who were unable to deal with huge queues of people with some left in ambulances parked outside for hours.

My own struggle was around health and safety totalitarianism legitimised locally under the concept of a newly democratized Wales, which supposedly used to have to follow orders before devolution in 1997 (we were just following orders over the last three years in Wales, ironically, far more than every before).

“I didn’t greatly fear contracting the virus because physically I am luckily resilient. My mental health, however, is fragile, particularly in relation to engaging with others in close social proximity and I feared that total isolation would induce a kind of psychologically damaging “cabin fever” which might separate me from reality, rapport and relationship with other humans, creating devastating consequences for the remainder of my life. This has proven true with a “fear thy neighbour” suspicion and distrust corroding and corrupting life in most communities and I struggle to find any meaningful appropriate help to manage this transformation psychologically with listening, empathy and understanding which is likely to cost me money I cannot afford,” I wrote.

“1, A relationship I might have with an individual GP who might know me best and might be able to qualitatively and accurately assess my physical and mental health had been completely over-ridden and suddenly I was in the hands not of a health professional but of a government I had not voted for. Herein lies the essential ingredient to explain just why the Welsh NHS is in a sorry state – the removal of a relationship with your GP replaced with no viable alternative. (This was the most pertinent issue for me because I ended up switching surgeries not once but twice).

“2, Informed consent guiding my choices in terms of my personal health care was being overtly and very actively compromised because I knew that in order to enjoy any kind of freedom and liberty in future, I HAD to take the vaccine because failure to do so would have rendered me both actively anti-social and effectively imprisoned for life denied transit at borders (I needed to show proof of vaccines at Cardiff Airport).” (The possibility of a NO MASK or NO TEST NO ENTRY world is still a real threat, especially with the developments in China).

And this absolute myth of a newly democratised, more lively and satisfying democracy in Wales after devolution continued to be being blazed by the Welsh media (such as it is) ahead of the local council elections on May 5, 2022.

I pointed out that “I – like many others – deliberately DO NOT vote in the Newport City Council elections because I live in a rotten borough where a permanent, unchallenged and unquestioned single dominant party processes back into power without bothering any more to even appear to engage with the electorate nor, crucially, to represent them.

“There is no doubt in my mind that the Tony Bliar con trick 1997 devolution referendum was unfairly rigged with some underhand and highly questionable tactics so I have no reason to invest psychologically in even the mere concept of ethical and entirely fair and accurate democracy backed by a voting system which reflects that and offers a potential solution to everyone.

“No, I am trapped in a country where the overton window has moved so far to the left that my only choice appears to be between one of two radical feminist, progressive, trans, eco, BLM neo-Marxists with no hope of escape because a hugely supportive electoral reform movement at Cardiff Bay seeks to keep lowering the voting age until eventually infant school pupils will scrawl Xs on ballot papers (or, more likely, their teachers will do it for them) even when they have not yet learnt to write and illegal immigrants fresh off their rubber dinghies will be frogmarched to polling stations.”

And a story about a Westminster MP watching porn on his mobile phone claiming he was looking at tractors (seized on by the Welsh Feminazis armed to the teeth with VAWG, Violence Against Women and Girls, dogma at Cardiff Bay, where, of course Plaid’s Simon Thomas was convicted for viewing child porn but this was never mentioned) seemed to spark a strange kind of faux, confected outrage among the entitled sisters. I wrote: “They decided that porn is purely a gender issue and an assault on sisterhood, totally neglecting the inconvenient truth that some of their sexy sisters are doing more than just keeping afloat in these desperately hard times but actually living a life of luxury thanks to wealthy followers constantly adding to their bank balances with generous donations (that, above all, is what incenses the sisterhood……that poor women have always turned to stripping and whipping because it is so effortlessly easy and so endlessly profitable – especially now we have an always-on 24/7 internet).”


“TURNOUT at Thursday May 6 Newport City Council elections is reported by the institution itself and, I believe, may be being inaccurately and unreliably managed to present an over optimistic portrait of engagement in local democracy” I wrote after some woeful results for Labour saw three independents take Labour-held seats in Lliswerry.

Turnout in the Alway ward was as low as 26 per cent, and that is if you consider the number of people eligible to vote as being accurate, and long-standing veterans were scraping through because so few bothered to turn out, prompting me to ask: “How can councillors who attract such low votes – 503 for Councillor Paul Cockeram – for instance, possibly process into highly paid leadership and cabinet posts and make vital decisions on behalf of the people if they have such low confidence in them?”

A red/rainbow/green alliance was now running the show, entirely unopposed so able to restructure the message and completely redesign education, social services and our general direction of travel according to postmodernist, radical feminist trans, race and identity zealotry in our universities.

Labour men in councils and at Cardiff Bay who had for years fought against an outward imposed dogma and didactic doctrine set largely by England-based power brokers in league with Westminster to mould and shape local government in their own image suddenly found themselves hopelessly mouthing the platitudes of this new inward dogma and didactic doctrine of nationalism, language zealotry, gender, race and identity Social Justice madness.

And, of course, it was at our schools, where young minds are shaped and moulded most, that this dogma and didactic doctrine appeared to be most obvious and most protected. “Peer into the grounds of one of these schools at playtime and you now see a vast army of yellow high-viz – but not, significantly, masked – relatively young formidable “teaching assistants” supervising activities rather too stridently working to a template set by Welsh government which will almost certainly produce a radically different future generation,” I wrote. Were they, I wondered, protecting the kids from their parents and who would protect the parents from them?


A VERY menacing and troubling consequence of modern life with its ramped up threat of terrorism and contagion was subtle yet rapid and radical changes to the way we were policed from pedestrian bobbies on the beat to paramilitary, armed with Tazers or guns inside rapid deployment vehicles looking for all the world like tanks.

So, if an increasingly politicised and paramilitarised increasingly armed police answerable more to political commissioners with an organisational agenda to control disproportionately magnified heightened fears of terrorism and civil disorder and actively punishing us for associating freely and travelling during a pandemic far more than they are answerable to us mere mortals, who might more reasonably fear silly little things like being mugged at knifepoint or having our house burgled while we sleep peacefully at dead of night, is not engaging with us and not really helping us, do we really need them any more?” I asked.

We definitely don’t need them and we don’t need the carceral state they legitimise and feed – one which expands the fast-growing state-sanctioned and subsidised surveillance, penalise and punish sector with inevitable bigger and bigger prison populations worsened considerably by education classes in crime and terrorism in captive feral networks, goes the central message in Abolition. Feminism. Now. (their full stops, not mine) written by Angela Y. Davis, Gina Dent, Erica R. Meiners and Beth E. Richie (Hamish Hamilton, 2022).

This book opened my eyes to the real Black Lives Matter motives of black radical feminists hellbent on replacing prisons with psychiatric hospitals for everyone, justice from a white empirical colonialist perspective with what they call “community engaged restorative” justice with the most historically offended made the most favoured, drug use decriminalised along with many social trespasses like theft if it is from entitled and enriched classes seen as part of a reparation and rational reconciliation attempt by an essentially guilty group to make amends for past sins.

I wrote: “There is a cruelly contorted artificial feel to the weaponised language in this book (reading it feels like being slapped mildly about the face by a group of women) and, crucially, the way it is brandished unilaterally like a hammer over your head without regard to or for others (frequently offending against grammatical rules designed for perfectly valid reasons) which hints at a paramilitaristic, menacingly, maniacally militant radical feminist, racial justice freedom force which could, in time, prove to be even worse than our police.”

Trigger word safety blocks on our public computers in libraries are an obsession of mine because of the way they normalise helplessness and hopelessness in people. I started to notice that the safety monitors at county hall who impose these “child safety locks” were getting less motivated by pornography and much more by alleged “hate” and “harm”, leading me to wonder why I could not access a film review of BlacKKKlansman only to discover that someone at Cardiff City Council genuinely feared I might don cape and start burning crosses at dead of night with other enthusiasts if I were not protected from such things.

“This is rather like a police which routinely blocks you from doing things in the hope that being blocked will become routine and normalised so accepted by you as you become meeker and meeker (wasn’t that what happened during lockdown?). They ban you first then review it later if anyone objects, not the more natural and rational truly libertarian and mature alternative approach which, historically, liberal and evolved mature societies like ours confident in their trust in each other and in our responsible and mature autonomy and agency routinely and normally only ever blocked things only if people complained about them or made a case to block.” I pointed out.


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